6 Fantastic ideas for Light Gray House Black Shutters

Do you find it difficult to add decoration to the exterior of a light gray house? Have you considered adding exterior window shutters to your house? The window shutter is a kind of functional house decorative trim. Although they appear to be decorative, they are actually more than just a decorative house design. If you want to make your house stand out, adding window shutters can be a great idea. So what color shutter goes with the light gray house? How can you choose the best shutters for your house? Let’s see some light gray house black shutters ideas.

Light Gray House Black Shutters

What Is The Window Shutters?

The window shutter is a type of house exterior design that meets both aesthetic needs and functionality. It comes in various colors, types, and styles. And it is more than a wooden rectangular. The window shutters have functionality in three aspects:

  • They are used for protecting privacy from those passing by. It’s for safety.
  • The exterior shutters protect the furniture in your house from the damage of the sun.
  • Also, they can protect your windows and make them last longer. The rain, snow, hail, and frost are kept away from the windows.
  • It has to be mentioned that it can keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. In the summer, they block the strong sunlight out of your house. In the winter, they add an extra layer of insulation to the windows.

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How To Choose The Right Shutters?

The choice of the window shutter for your home depends on what you want the shutters for–functionality or decoration? Figure out this question and then you can choose the best shutters you want.

You know that there is a wide range of window shutters for choice. Therefore, if you want to choose the right one for your house, you should know some more info about shutters. Here are some common styles of window shutters.


Wood is the traditional material for window shutters. And the window shutter made of wood is still a good choice for house owners. It is also flexible to match any style of the house. If you don’t like its original color, you can paint it to be the color you like. The shutter color scheme like white house blue shutters or light gray house back shutters sounds great. There is only one drawback that the wood shutter will distort or decay if its finish wasn’t properly treated.


PVC is one of the popular shutter materials. It’s known for its lightweight, durability, waterproof performance, and solidness. Besides, it is easier to clean than the wood one. This type of shutter can work well in damp and humid environments since it is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. However, the PVC window shutter has a shortcoming in that it comes only in white.


The metal shutters are more functional than decorative. They are often used for commercial buildings, especially in some stores. For home use, it would be more suitable if you apply them in your garage.

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Light Gray House Black Shutters Ideas

Black, white and gray is the classic color combination. If you have a light gray house and white window frames, then adding exterior black shutters would be a good way to improve your house’s appearance. Now let’s see some light gray house black shutters ideas!

Black Louvered Shutters

The louvered shutter is the type of shutter that has overlapping angled slats, which aim to allow a breeze. It can also block out the sunlight. There’s something awesome about this shutter is that you can adjust the lighting to adjust the indoor temperature. But its drawback is that you need to open it to adjust. By the way, it is installed on both exterior sides of the window. The louvered shutters go with many types of buildings, especially the Victorian, Italianate, and Ranch houses.

Black Louvered Shutters

Black Raised Panel

The raised panel shutter looks like two cabinet doors with two raised panels. This kind is designed to be more decorative than functional and they don’t even cover the whole window. That is they won’t perform as well as other shutters in ventilation and sunlight blocking. Nevertheless, the raised panel blends well with any style of home. They look simple and chic and always pair with window sill with flowers.

Light Gray House Black Raised Panel Shutters

Black Board & Batten Shutters

Consist of more than three or more vertical boards that are fixed by two or three horizontal boards, the board & batten is also the popular choice. It has a simple structure but it can protect the windows from strong winds. The board & batten come with a rural look to work well on a cottage or farmhouse-style homes.

Black Board & Batten Shutters

Black Bahama & Bermuda

Different from other shutters, the Bahama & Bermuda shutters are fixed at the top of the window frame. You can open it by pushing the bottom out. These are generally used in the tropic areas to prevent windows from being damaged by storms and direct sunlight. Therefore, they are sturdier than traditional shutters. The Bahama shutters are beautiful on Cape Cod, Ranch, or Cottage houses.

Black Bahama & Bermuda

Black Flat Panel Shutters

The flat panel is less decorative than the raised panel but more functional. They come with flat and solid panels and you can shut off them. Moreover, they allow a breeze to pass through when close and can block out strong sunlight. And they offer a good way to protect your privacy. These are popularly found in modern homes.

Light Gray House Black Flat Panel Shutters

Exterior Black Rolling Shutters

As its name says, the rolling shutter is a kind of shutter that can roll up and down to cover the windows. You can also apply this to your garage door. It has good performance in blocking out the sun and it is easy to roll. Adding black exterior rolling shutters can improve the appeal of your house.

Exterior Black Rolling Shutters

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