Best Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

Fluorescent lighting boxes have been offering the best source of lighting for most houses over longer durations. However, with the emergence of newer and modern lighting systems, these lighting usually seem old-fashioned, making it necessary to replace them to get the modern lighting fixtures. Choosing a perfect replacement for fluorescent lighting in your house ensures it’s reliable and produces the perfect illumination and lighting for your house. However, with different varieties and types of modern lighting systems available, most homeowners find it challenging to choose the best lighting for their house. This article provides a guide on the right ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting boxes in your houses.

Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

What’s a suitable replacement for the fluorescent lights?

Finding the proper alternative for fluorescent lighting has been one of the most difficult steps for most homeowners seeking a replacement. When looking for a suitable replacement for your fluorescent lights, you should consider LED light bulbs. These light bulbs provide solutions for replacing or upgrading your older fluorescent lighting.

They are suitable for most rooms in your homestead as they produce friendly lights for all family members and functions. In addition, these lights ease and solve most issues in the home, such as reducing the maintenance cost, electricity cost, and pollution. Therefore, if you’re seeking the perfect replacement for your fluorescent lights in the home, LED lighting provides the appropriate option.

How to replace a fluorescent lighting box

After getting the perfect ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting boxes, the next step is to ensure the proper replacement process of your fluorescent lighting. You might not need a technician for the replacement process of your fluorescent lighting box, as you can easily accomplish it following the necessary guidelines. Below are the essential steps you need to follow while changing your fluorescent light.

Step 1

Turn off power before starting the process to prevent any chances of electric shocks. Cut off the power at the circuit-breaker box in your house.

Step 2

Remove all the lens and diffuser panels from the lighting.

Step 3

From the lighting, remove all the bulbs and lamps.

Step 4

Then remove the ballast cover.

Step 5

Uncap all the wires (white and black), using a tester to ensure that the electric power is off.

Step 6

Separate these wires from the existing fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Step 7

Remove this fixture from the ceiling base and replace it with the replacement one.

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Ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting in the kitchen

A well-lit kitchen with modern lighting ideas is the best thing every homeowner would want in their home. Replacing your kitchen fluorescent lighting with a better one shouldn’t cost a fortune. The following are the modern ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting with a more modern one in your kitchen.

Install kitchen track lighting

A new track lighting system would provide a better alternative for the single overhead fluorescent fixture in your kitchen. There are various types of track lighting such as incandescent, high and low halogen lighting fixtures for the track lighting. Once you choose the lights, you should install them on the side toward the target location to prevent any blocking while having your kitchen activities.

Add under cabinet lighting

The upper cabinets, corners, and body usually block the lights from the central lighting system to reach certain parts of the kitchen, such as countertops. Therefore, installing modern lights beneath all the upper cabinets will be essential to help illuminate the cookbooks and cutting boards. You can choose the T-5 fluorescent bulbs as they offer the perfect alternative for your under cabinet lighting providing the perfect illumination.

Upgrade all the recessed lighting in the kitchen

Having special or upgraded recessed lighting provides the best ideas for your lighting in your kitchen. These lightings help you focus the light where you need it most. Therefore, you can install these lights in different locations in your kitchen. For example, you can install these lights around the room’s perimeter or soffits to help light up your cabinet fronts, floors, and walls.

Add a dimmer switch to your kitchen lighting

Adding more to your kitchen is not the only alternative for improving your kitchen lighting; you can also provide a flexible lighting system by adding a dimmer switch. When choosing the best kitchen lighting system, the designers provide different categories, including task lighting, accent, and general lighting. However, you can have all these lighting functions in your existing lighting system while using a dimmer switch. In addition, installing a dimmer switch for your lighting in your home is usually less costly and takes less time.

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Final thoughts

Fluorescent boxes are currently outdated; thus, it’s essential to consider upgrading or replacing them in your home. You can choose the LED light as they offer the perfect alternative and upgrade on these lighting systems. After replacing the fluorescent lighting in different parts of your house, such as the kitchen, sitting room, and others, you’re sure of getting the most convenient and reliable lighting. The above information provides the perfect ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting boxes you should try.

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