How To Use A SodaStream

When you first receive your SodaStream, You might be nervous or excited since it could be your first time using this type of machine. Although there is no excuse to be nervous. make use of a SodaStream is very simple. So in this post, we will show you how to use a SodaStream step-by-step.

Table of Contents

    1. Preparing the Machine and Water Before Using a SodaStream

    The main tip in using any product, especially if first time, is how to prepare.

    As a start,  chill your water in advance. The colder the water you have without using ice, the better it will carbonate. This due to CO2 reacting at its best when mixed with water at colder temperatures.

    While your water is chilling in the refrigerator, you can assemble your soda machine. Make sure it is placed on a flat, sturdy, level surface.

    Make sure your machine is sitting perfectly upright, if not, you may encounter some problems with using it.

    2. Prepare Your Carbonator

    The next step is to load your carbonator into the machine. Make sure to dispose of the plastic seal found on the top part of your carbonator. After your canister is good to go, dispose of your SodaStream machine’s back cover.

    3. Inserting of the Carbonator Canister

    Hold firmly the machine using one hand to ensure it is secured. Put in the carbonator canister unto its holding area where the removed cover was found.

    After that, you will have to screw the top part of the carbonator into your machine. Completely turn the carbonator clockwise position up to it is screwed into place. You will need the back cover to be returned back after your canister is in place.

    The cover should simply click into place, this indicates that was firmly taken back to position. If your machine has a CO2 indicator, it would need to ensure that you do a reset on the meter when doing a replacement or refill of the CO2 canister.

    4. Carbonation

    Once the machine, water bottle and carbonator canister are all in place, it is now ready to start with carbonation. Depending on the SodaStream model that you have, you can simply press the carbonator button or carbonating block.

    In short, succession, Press down to simply achieve your preferred level of carbonization.

    5. Resting and Removal of Water

    Once the carbonatation of your drink is done, simply leave your water bottle be in your machine and unbothered for about 45 seconds. This would allow a resting period in order for the CO2 to become entirely infused together with the water, enhancing carbonation.

    If not, you might be opening the bottle too early and this would allow a big amount of CO2, that is not yet mixed together with your water to escape.

    6. Adding Flavor

    The last step, if you prefer to do so, is adding flavour to the water that has been carbonated. You can also simply add any kinds of syrup or flavour that you would want, In addition, you can even add sugar, honey, or other types of sweetener if the flavour is not sweet enough for your taste.

    Grip the carbonated water bottle approximately at around 15 degrees angle and put in your preference of syrup or flavouring.

    See, it is not difficult to use a Sodastream. Besides, after using the bottles, it is necessary to make it clean and dry it. You can use our YIGII Bottle Holder For Soda Stream. Very convenient and useful.

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