How To Use Paper Towel Holder?

How to use paper towel holder? Is there any other use for your spare paper towel hanger? As you know, a paper towel holder is one of the handy kitchen gadgets for keeping your paper towels from rolling around. However, it can function as more than just hanging the paper towels in the kitchen. Thanks to they come in various types, you can use these different types for different use outside the kitchen.

Add some organization and functionality to your kitchen with a paper towel holder. Great for households of any size, the paper towel holder keeps your kitchen counters rather neat and organized. A paper towel holder is an excellent way to keep the kitchen counter clean and tidy. It also makes it easy to grab paper towels when you need them, saving you time and energy.

how to use paper towel holder

Where do you place the paper towel holder?

The most typical and convenient technique is to set them on the countertops of the kitchen. Some models are designed to mount directly on the wall. This is a great idea for kitchens with limited counter space or an unorthodox counter configuration

Always make sure that when placing a paper towel holder under your cabinets, you are not blocking other items from being seen on your countertop and that it does not obstruct any electrical outlets or water pipes. Click to know about where to place toilet paper holder.

How To Use Paper Towel Holder?

General Use

The general use of paper towel holders is to hold your paper towels in the kitchen or bathroom. And you can install different types in different places. They can be fixed under the cabinet, on the wall, inside the cabinet door, or on the countertop. Some people dislike to have their holders on display, so they look for how to hide paper towel holders. Anyway, the original use of paper towel holders is to hang paper rolls.

Organize Other Stuff

Sometimes, you would get an extra one because of a 2-piece discount or other reasons. And you may wonder how to use paper towel holder for other purposes. Here are some other nifty uses for your extra one.

Other Functions In Kitchen

  • Rolls Of Trash Bags: The paper towel organizer can function for other purposes in the kitchen. You can use it for holding the rolls of trash bags. It can keep your trash bags still just as how it keeps your paper towel rolls. You can install it near your trash can.
Rolls Of Trash Bags
  • Kitchen Rag: If you don’t have a special place for hanging your kitchen rag, the additional paper towel hanger can serve this for you. Just install it near the sink and you can get a rag holder. And you won’t have to hang your rag on handles of the appliances.
Kitchen Rag

Perfect Organizer In Coatroom

  • Caps: If you want a rack for organizing the caps in your coatroom, the paper towel holder is a good option. It can help you sort out the caps you need quickly.
  • Scarfs & Ties & Belts: Besides, the paper towel hanger can also helps to hang your scarfs and ties. There will be no wrinkles on your scarves or ties. Also, use some S-shape hooks to hang your belt on the extra paper towel holder. And the belts will not clutter in the closet anymore.
Scarfs & Ties & Belts
  • Necklaces & Bangles: It is also a good idea to use the paper towel organizer to hang your necklaces and bangles. It can display rack for them.
Necklaces & Bangles

Good Helper In Craft Room

The additional paper towel holder can be a good helper to declutter your craft room. It can hold your rolls of ribbons and colorful tapes, whether it is the hanging one or the free-standing one. Moreover, it can distribute twines and keeps them untangled.

Good Helper In Craft Room

Stuff Hanger In Laundry Room

  • Hanging Coat Hanger: You can install the paper towel holder in the laundry room to serve as a rack for coat hangers. The paper towel hanger with a stop at the end would be better to stop hangers from falling off.  
Hanging Coat Hanger
  • Hanging Towel: Just as how it works for kitchen rags, you can find it good to hold towels in the laundry room. It’s a good choice to do this.
hanging towel

How do paper towel holders work?

The paper towel holder attaches to the back of your cabinet with screws. The holder is designed to hold a stack of paper towels by wrapping tightly around it, and securing it with a screw so it stays in place. The holder will have an opening at the top where a roll of paper towels can be placed into the slot, and then closed and secured with the screw. The screw secures the roll of paper towels into place.

However, there are different types of paper towel holders. Some have a spring-loaded mechanism, meaning one solid push of the roll will separate it from the holder. Others have a simple lever that will pop up and out for easy access to unfold the towels. Additionally, there is an automatic paper towel dispenser with hand motion sensor technology available.

How do you put paper towels in a paper towel holder?

Paper towels are easily accessible and have a dispenser at the bottom to help keep them organized on the holder. All paper towel holders are different, so you may need to look for a specific model that works best for you.

You can access your paper towels by simply pushing on the roll which will lift the holder and allow you to place your paper towels in it. Alternatively, you can push down on the lever of your paper towel dispenser and lift on the roll just like with an automatic dispenser using sensors.

How can you conceal paper towels in the kitchen?

To keep them hidden and out of sight, paper towels can be tucked behind a small basket on your countertop or put inside of a recessed area in the cabinet. This will hide them from sight and can keep your kitchen looking tidy. You can also know more about how to hide paper towel holder.

You may also consider mounting it beneath the floating shelf of your kitchen cabinets. It is a perfect way to utilize unused space and keep things organized.Paper towel holders make it easy to navigate the kitchen and are a great way to keep your kitchen tidy and organized. They are the perfect addition to any household.

A paper towel holder will help keep your kitchen counter free of clutter, making it easier for you to prepare meals. The holder keeps your paper towels in one spot and by pulling out one roll at a time, it saves you from searching for an empty roll every time you need new towels.

Best Paper Towel Holder For Multipurpose

YIGII adhesive paper towel holder with open bar

The YIGII adhesive paper towel holder is made of stainless steel that is robust enough to hold heavy stuff. And it comes with adhesive to install anywhere you want easily. The holding rod is long enough to store things you buy in bulk. Moreover, its modern look can be a decoration to fit in any scene. It is the best choice for use for other purposes.

Free-Standing Paper Towel Holder

The free-standing paper towel hanger is also a good selection for other use. It stands on the table to function the rack for holding some small items. You can choose the free-standing one that comes with a lovely design. Then it will add more decorative elements wherever you place it.

Other Types

Except for the two kinds of paper towel holders above, there are some other holders that can serve other purposes but have limitations. The S-shape under-shelf paper towel holder can also help some other stuff but it can only work under the shelf or cabinet. The one that comes with a closed rod is also not suitable for other applications. It would be a hassle to get your stuff out.

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