How to Remove Towel Bar From Wall

If you want the towels to be clean and dry correctly without stinking like mildew, you’ll need towel bars. But, you may need to change or remove the existing towel bar if you have grown tired of it. It may look hard, but removing a towel bar is simple. So, how to remove towel bar from wall?

Mostly every towel hanger you’ll see on the racks of a retail shop comes with wall mounts that screw into the wall and are covered beneath the rack’s supports. Uninstalling them is simpler than adding them.

The procedure will take no more than 20 minutes, but the drywall solution may need around 24 hours. Below are mentioned steps to remove towel bar from wall:

How To Remove Towel Bar From Wall

How to Remove Towel Bar From Wall

Make a Twist in the Ends Keeping the Bar in Place

A few elements make up the ends that are connected to the wall. The receiver legs should be distinct from the wall-attached part. Move the receiver side slowly upwards.

Take out the Bar

Remove the crossbar once it has popped out.

Trim the Ends

Keep unscrewing the receiver terminals. They’re held in place with a screw. If the elements have been partly glued or coated on, this step can be difficult. Keep turning untill it comes off, even if it takes some effort.  You don’t wish to scratch the surface of the wall.

Make Use of a Flat Tool

Unfortunately, many towel bars are difficult to dismantle. If the accessory is one piece, you’ll probably need to crawl underneath the component with a flat side to disengage it from the mount.

Take Down the Wall Hooks

Because they are fastened into the wall, it should be the perfect option. Remove the portion from the wall by unscrewing the screws.

Locate the Screws

There may be bolts securing the towel bar, depending on the type of towel bar you have. If that’s the case, you can see them on every side of the bar that goes into the wall. When there are no bolts, the towel bar will be held in place by a clip device. If the stages are followed correctly, the procedure must be simple for everyone involved.

How to Remove Ceramic Towel Bar From Wall

Without damaging the ceramic tiles or digging into the surface, remove outdated towels and other fixtures. Employ an oscillating device to remove a towel bar.

It’s simple to take away a broken or obsolete surface-mounted towel bar. However, installing an “inset” fixture is a difficult task. Check the device borders to see if the surface is mounted.

When you remove a towel bar and ceiling hooks, you may be left with some unsightly holes. You must repair the gaps that have been left behind if you’re an owner or a tenant. If you realize how much wall maintenance costs, you’ll understand why it’s worth saving dollars and patching it yourself.

In the restroom, wall hooks are often fastened to the wall, and it’s critical to fix them. Many homebuilder homeowners have ceramic-tiled restrooms, which are simple to fix. To repair cracks in the tile, all you want is a two-part resin, which you brush to the cracks.

How to Remove Plastic Towel Bar

It is simple to remove a towel bar, but you should take the necessary measures. You’ll need to figure out if the towel bar is hooked or fastened into the wall. If the towel rack is attached to the ceramic wall, you’ll need to remove the glue connection that holds every post in place. Even though an oscillating tool can be used, it’s preferable to do it by hand with a knife blade to avoid damaging the wall tiles.

To fully remove the post, you may need to tap in different locations surrounding it, so keep an eye on your hands and wear glasses to defend the eyes from debris. Wipe the remaining adhesive with the putty knife after the post has been removed.


If you have the space and want the towels to dry correctly, towel racks are a must. They’re especially beneficial if you live in a family or with several housemates. The best approach to prevent the mildew odor that comes from leaving damp towels clustered is to hang them with a towel bar.

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