How To Remove A Sticky Hook from A Wall

Sticky hooks are often used in kitchens, offices, and other places to hang tools and other small items on the wall. Sometimes when they can’t be removed with gentle pulls, it’s time for a little more force. Here are eight ways about how to remove adhesive hooks from wall you can consider to quickly, and easily remove them without damage to your walls:

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    1) Using an Ice Cream Stick

    Find an ice cream stick (or similar object) that is as wide as the sticky hook but not long enough to poke into the cupboards below it. Push it in against the hook from below and pull up on both ends of the stick until it pops out of place.

    When using an ice cream stick, it’s important to pull against all four sides of the sticky hook from below. The stick is strong enough to hold the hook in place while you push against it from below. That way, when you pull upward for the final pop, you’re pushing on both ends as well as pulling on both ends.

    Ice Cream Stick

    2) Using a Meat Cleaver

    Find a heavy, sharp knife such as a meat cleaver and cut the hook straight up and down against the wall. The hook should separate along the knife’s edge.

    knife cleaver

    3) Using a Hammer and a Staple Remover

    Find something like a staple remover, which has a handle at one end for pounding down staples, and at the other end an angled head for pounding flat things like tiles and wood. Open both ends of the tool to spread its weight. Stroke it firmly against the hook from below to pop it out of place; or do this in several small strokes spaced evenly to break up any glue that might be holding it there.

    Staple Remover

    4) Using a Screwdriver

    Here’s a secret trick for removing a sticky hook. It uses gravity to your advantage. Find a screwdriver and use it to push the hook down onto the wall, away from you. Gently pull up on it from above. The hook will pull out of place by the other end at an angle, rather than just falling straight down with gravity.

    use a screwdriver to get sticky hooks off wall

    5) Using a Metal Punch

    Find a metal punch or other small tool that can be safely used to break up paint or any other adhesive. Push the tool along the hook, flattening out pieces of the hook and breaking down any glue holding it in place.

    6) Using a Metal Screw

    Find a small, flat screw that can be used to spread the hook’s adhesive. Use it to break off pieces of the hook’s surface. The more you can break off, the less adhesion there will be between the hook and the wall.

    7) Using a Hammer and a Nail

    Find something like a nail that is just small enough in diameter that it won’t go all the way through both layers of your wall when you pound it into place. The top of this nail should have just enough space under it for you to stick an ice cream stick or another strong object underneath it – perhaps even one of those metal punches or screws mentioned above.

    Using a nail in this way lets you use your hammer to drive that piece of metal, and push it directly into the sticky hook from below. The upward pressure from above will help to pop up the hook in one or two places where you can grab it with both hands and pull it out.

    Hammer and Nail

    8) Using an Ice Pick

    This method works better for smaller hooks that do not have any glue on them. Gently tap a sharp ice pick (or similar tool) into the opening of the hook from below, then pull up on the ice pick to pop open its head. When doing this, be very careful not to poke through your wall or cause any other damage while removing the hook.

    In conclusion, while removing a sticky hook from a wall is a relatively simple process, if you’re not sure you can do it without damaging your wall, we strongly recommend you consult with a certified professional to find another way of removing the hook. Most importantly, be careful that you don’t tear out any drywall or damage your wall while trying to remove the hook.

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