How To Keep Shower Caddy From Falling Constantly

A shower caddy is a practical accessory in the bathroom that helps keep your shower products within reach. But it is common to see the shower caddy falling off suddenly during the shower. Such a situation would be very irritating and sometimes may startle you. So, you may be dying to know how to keep the shower caddy from falling. Keeping shower caddy from falling is still not so easy, but luckily, there are more ways than difficulties. And yes, there are three helpful methods to solve such a problem. In this post, we will provide them for you to keep your shower caddy from slipping constantly.  

How To Keep Shower Caddy From Falling

Why Does The Shower Caddy Keep Falling?

  • Lack Of Friction: The material of the shower head is always metal which results in a very smooth surface of the shower head. And it is very difficult to create friction on the metal surface. This may be the main reason that the shower caddy always falls off. If you apply a stainless steel shower caddy, there would be nearly zero friction to make the shower caddy in place.
  • Unsuitable Size: Another reason for the frequent falling of the shower caddy may be its unsuitable size. The shower caddy you bought is too loose to fit on your shower head. And finding a shower caddy that just fits your shower head would be difficult.
  • Shower Remain Wet: We all know that the shower stall is always filled with water.  The moisture makes the surface of both the shower caddy and shower head become slippery. As a result, the shower caddy keeps falling all the time.
  • Carrying Too Much Weight: In addition, when you add stuff to the shower caddy, the extra weight would create a downward drag that causes the shower caddy to fall. Generally, there is no rubber pad added to the shower caddy to increase friction. Therefore, it is easier for the shower caddy to slip.

How To Keep Shower Caddy From Falling?

It is so annoying that the shower caddy slips off while you are taking shower. Sometimes the bath products would also fall to the ground due to the falling of the shower caddy and your shower would leave in a mess. How to make shower caddy stay all the time, here are three useful solutions to keep.

Use The Rubber Band

You only need some simple tools to finish the process: some rubber bands, some steel wool, and some pliers. And after getting the tools on hand, you can begin with the following 6 steps.

1. First of all, you need to bring down the shower head with the pliers and the shower caddy and cap.

2. If the pipes in your bathroom are made of stainless steel, you can have them cleaned by a machine, like a dishwasher. And you can do the trick with ease. But for those pipes that are lined with chromium, you have to clean them by hand. Using the steel wool and water to clean up the scale, soap scum, and dirt. This process does take some time, but you would not regret it when you see the pipes shining like new.

3. Now, put the cap in place again. You can do this easily: just lay some pressure on the cap to pop it up.

4. Then you can use the rubber bands to wrap it around the pipe with a few twists. Remember not to tie the rubber bands too tightly to prevent them from breaking.

5. Assemble the shower caddy on the shower again. Make sure you have put it behind the rubber bands or that it would easily fall again.

6. Install the shower head back and make sure it doesn’t leak, and you’ve done.

Use The Rubber Band

Use A Zip Tie

A zip tie is also a functional tool to stop the falling of the shower caddy. And you can easily get it around. You can simply finish the work by placing the zip tie around the neck of the shower head where you would like to fix the shower caddy. You should make sure the zip tie is in front of the shower caddy to stop it from falling. Then you can tighten the zip tie to fix it. If you want the shower caddy to stay still with the zip tie, you are recommended to place the shower caddy as close as possible to the wall and tighten the zip tie.

Use A Zip Tie

Use A Hose Clamp

The hose clamps can achieve the same effect as the zip tie. And it is also easily available in the hardware store or in the market. If you use the hose clamps instead of using a zip tie, just follow the installation steps above to assemble it. However, there is a shortcoming with the hose clamp–it would rust after using a period of time. For this matter, you can choose a hose clamp of rust-resistant material.  

Use A Hose Clamp

Which Method Is The Best?

We can use rubber bands, zip ties, and hose clamps to help stop the shower caddy from falling frequently. All of these three methods are easy to operate for almost the same effect. Or you can figure out your innovative way to stop your shower caddy from slipping. Or you could install other types of the best non-rust shower caddy, like the adhesive shower caddy and mounted shower caddy in the first place so you won’t have to concern about the shower caddy falling off.

Then again, you may still wonder which of these three methods is the best method to stop the falling shower caddy. In terms of the difficulty of installation, it seems that using a zip tie or hose clamp would be easier than using the rubber bands. In terms of the availability of accessories, the zip tie, and rubber bands would be easier to get than the hose clamp. To sum up, using a zip tie would be the best method. Besides, if you choose to use the hose clamp, you may have to face the risk of rusting.

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FAQ on How to Get A Shower Caddy To Stay

How to keep the corner shower caddy from falling

There are many ways to keep the corner shower caddy from falling. The following are some tips:

  1. Use suction cups: Attach suction cups to the bottom of the caddy and affix them to the shower wall. Ensure the suction cups are attached adequately before putting anything in the caddy.
  2. Use adhesive strips: Adhesive strips can be found at most hardware stores. Stick the adhesive strips to the bottom of the caddy and affix them to the shower wall.
  3. Use command hooks: These are solid adhesive hooks found at most hardware stores. Stick the command hooks to the shower wall and hang the caddy.
  4. Use a tension rod: Place a tension rod in the corner of the shower and hang the caddy from it.
  5. Use screws: Drill holes in the bottom of the caddy and screw it into the shower wall. Be sure to use screws that are appropriate for the material of your shower wall.
    With these tips, you can keep your corner shower caddy from falling and enjoy your shower without worry.

How to install corner shower caddy.

Hanging a shower caddy can be different because of the different types of shower caddy. You can use suction cups to secure the caddy to the wall. Another option is to use command strips or velcro strips. actually, you can also install brackets or a shelf in your shower to hold the caddy.

First, clean the area where you’ll be attaching the caddy. Then, peel off the backing on the Command strips and attach them to the caddy. Finally, press the caddy firmly against the wall. Command strips will create a strong bond that will keep your caddy in place.

If you want an even more secure grip, use screws to attach the caddy to the wall:
1.Mark the locations of the screws on the caddy.
2.Drill pilot holes into the wall at those locations.
3.Screw the caddy to the wall using the appropriate-sized screws.
With either method, make sure that the caddy is attached at a level that’s comfortable for you to reach. You don’t want to stretch to reach your shampoo or soap.

For more, you can find the details steps on how to hang a shower caddy.


By now you know exactly how to keep the shower caddy from falling off constantly. It is definitely not a difficulty as you think previously. You can simply solve such a problem by using affordable and easily available accessories. Also, it takes you just a few minutes to finish the work. The same issue would not occur again if you adopt the method we recommend above.

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