How To Install Towel Hook On Door?

A towel hook is a functional small gadget in the bathroom that helps you organize your towels. They always come in a small size that won’t take up too much space as the towel rack. Also, they will be easier to install. However, there are still some people who have questions about the towel hooks. Where to install them in the bathroom? How to install towel hook on door? Here, some towel hook installation ideas and installation steps will be provided.

How To Install Towel Hook On Door

How many types of towel hooks are there?

Distinguish by an installation made, there are typically two kinds of towel hooks–adhesive and wall-mount. These two towel hooks are available on different surfaces. The adhesive one functions better on smooth surfaces like marble, glass, and tile while the wall mount can work well on drywall and some other rough surfaces.

It is generally believed that the wall-mount hook would be more sturdy than the adhesive one. However, this is not the truth. The adhesive hooks can hold as firmly as the wall-mount one if they are installed in the right way. And the wall-mount hooks are not absolutely tightened if you hang damp and heavy towels on them all the time. Let’s see the pros and cons of them.

Wall-mount Towel Hook

Pros: It can work on any type of surface. It can hold tightly.

Cons: Once it falls off, it would leave holes in the wall.

Adhesive Towel Hook

Pros: It is easy to install. And it can hold towels firmly.

Cons: This hook can only work on a smooth and flat surface.

Over The Door Hook

Pros: You won’t need to drill holes or stick them on the wall. Just place this hook over the door and it will fit on the door to hold things.

Cons: It can only function over the door and it won’t fit all types of doors.

Where to install the towel hooks?

Install the hooks on the sidewall of the sink

When you have some towel hooks, you can install them near the sink. In this way, you can hang your face towels and hand towels on them to keep your towels within reach. Also, they can also hold your face-washing brush and other bath items that can hang. Both wall hooks and adhesive hooks can be installed in this place.

Assemble the hooks behind the door

You may also see some house owners who would like to assemble the towel hooks behind the door. Of course, this is also a good place for towel hooks since they can hide behind the door to declutter your bathroom visually. And if you set your sink near the door, it would be easy to hang towels on the door. Moreover, all three types of hooks can work well on the door.

Besides, you can also know about how high to hang towel hooks.

 Fix the hooks on the glass shower screen

It is a good idea to fix the towel hooks on the glass shower screen door to hang the bath sheet and bathrobe. You can grab them easily near the shower after taking a bath. The glass surface is perfect for adhesive towel hooks to stick on. And there are some over-door hooks are designed for a shower screen. Additionally, you can also install wall-mounted hooks. However, you should be aware that wall hooks will leave holes that cannot be repaired like drywall.

How To Install Towel Hook On Door?

Install the adhesive towel hooks

If you want to install adhesive hooks on the door, it will be as easy as ABC. Before installation, you need to make sure the distance between each hook to make them in a parallel row. And no matter what surface you install the self-adhesive hook on, you can follow these steps to install it.

When fixing the adhesive one, you need to clean the door first. Wipe the place you will attach the hooks with water or alcohol. Wait until it becomes completely dry and you can peel off the foil and stick the hooks on the door. Attach the hooks to the door, press their base, and stroke in one direction to exhaust the excess air. Wait 24 hours and then you can hang things up.

Assemble the Wall-mounted towel hooks

Mounting wall hooks takes more effort than installing self-adhesive hooks and over-door hooks. And if you want to install towel hooks on a hollow door, it would be a little hassle.

First of all, make sure the anchors and screws would not be longer than the door width. Otherwise, they will go all the way through the door.

Second, you can make marks where you will install the hooks on the door. And then add the painter’s tape on the pilot bit to make sure the remaining portion is in line with the anchor and you won’t drill through the door.

Third, drill a pilot hole and insert the anchor into the door. There are various anchors for choice and all of them are used to add support for towel hooks. Maybe you can find this in your wall towel hook set.  

Finally, place the hook bracket and screws in line with the anchor and tighten them with the screwdriver. Finish installing by assembling the other parts of the towel hook.

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