How To Install Towel Bar with Different Effective Ways

Towel bar is a type of hardware which provides a place for the user to hang towels, whether it is hung over a shower rod or in an armoire. It’s also practical because when you go to open the door to give your towels access, you will not need two hands each time and you can reach the towel bar with just one hand. This blog post will teach you how to install towel bar in case you want more than one installed at your home. If your bathroom is tiny, you can also read the details of where to put towel bar in small bathroom.

bathroom towel bar set

How to install towel bar on tile

Before installing the towel bar, you should know about how high should a towel bar be. Then mark the place before installing.

  • Get the necessary materials, which are a towel bar, tile cutter, putty knife and pencil. For beginners who have never installed one before, you might want to get help from a friend for this one.
  • Put down a layer of putty on the wall where you will be installing it. Make sure that it is not too thin since you will have to create an indentation once placed on the wall using the tile cutter. Paste another piece of putty on top and smooth it out with your hand or a putty knife.
  • Hold the tile cutter vertically and cut on the horizontal line of the putty. Make sure that the cutting lines do not overlap with each other.
  • Paste another piece of putty over to cover up any areas where you have accidentally cut through the tile.
  • Use your putty knife to smooth out all the edges, concentrating on sides and corners. Once ready, you can add a layer of grout to fill in any holes from the cutting process or if it was not enough. But you still want a better look after installation, you can use a grout gun to achieve a cleaner look since it will not leave lines due to be careful and exact with how you handle your tools.
  • Press the towel bar on the wall, making sure that it is fixed in place and it will not move anymore.

How to install towel bar on drywall

  • You will need a screwdriver, level and marker for this one. Make sure that you have your towel bar ready for installation as well. And all you need to do is mark where to drill your first hole. Measure up from the bottom of the rod, insert your level at the end of your rod and mark where it intersects with the wall.
  • Apply a layer of putty on the wall and let it dry. Use your level to make sure that it is perfectly horizontal if you want a cleaner look, which most DIYers do want since you don’t want to have crooked towel bars.
  • Mark out a line using your level again, drill through the drywall and then use your screwdriver to open up the hole and insert the head of your screw in from the backside of your piece.
  • Apply a layer of putty to the wall and let it dry. When it is dry use your level to mark the placement of the second screw and insert it in from the back side with your screwdriver.
  • Once done, you can start applying grout to fill in any holes that were left behind because of your drill or screwdriver. If you want a cleaner appearance, I suggest using a grout gun instead. Because it will not leave lines on the wall applied with precision and care . In this way, it looks clean and professional when finished with installation.

How to install towel bar without set screw

Towel bars can also be installed without the use of a screw or set screw since they are strong enough to hold their own weight. So it will not break easily. If you choose adhesive towel bar, then you won’t need any screw when installing. Here are some recommended adhesive towel bars from YIGII.

  • Lay down your towel bar on a flat surface before you add any adhesive so that once applied it will have zero bumps or unevenness.
  • Add a layer of putty on the location of where you want to place the bar and make sure that it is neat before they dry.
  • You will need to use your adhesive to hold it in place. Once it dries, you can find a variety of them at most hardware stores, in different types and different materials such as plastic, metal or wood.
  • Once your adhesive is dry, place your bar on the wall where you would like it to be and hold it in place using strong hands. Use a pen or something similar to smooth out any rough spots and uneven areas. They are caused by imperfections on your DIY project without a set screw.

How do you install a towel bar with a set screw

A set screw is also known as a mounting screw and most towel bars that you can find on the market will come with this feature. One thing you will need to do is measure where you want it placed. Since you want it to look professional when finished, and mark it with a pencil or marker depending on your choice.

  • Once marked, place your towel bar on the wall where you would like it to be. And then use a drill and the size of the screw that came with your purchase. You can also use a drill bit to make sure that you get the right measurement for your job.
  • Insert the tip of the screw into your drill. After that drill through the towel bar ensuring that you have drilled through both sides to ensure a secure attachment.
  • Apply a layer of putty or apply a small amount of glue on the wall where your hole is. And once it’s dry you can mount your set screw using a screwdriver. Make sure that you have applied enough pressure on it so it will not come loose once attached to the wall.
  • Apply another layer of putty over your set screw and let it dry. This will prevent it from rusting, which will make it look dirty after some time.
  • You can also use a grout gun. Use it to apply grout over the set screw instead of using putty. But this may take some time since you need to be very cautious when applying it. You also need to move in small circles. Make sure that it is consistent with how you work your way around your towel bar. Once done, you can install your towel bar on the wall just like any other installation and enjoy the results of a clean, professional looking piece.


We have shown you how to install a towel bar on a drywall with dry wall screws. It is the easiest, shortest and cheapest method of installing one. You can also head to know about how to remove towel bar from wall.

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