Step By Step On How To Install Corner Shelf In Shower

The corner shelf is a good solution for sorting the shampoo or shaving cream and making your bathroom clean and tidy. It is easy to get a corner shelf, but many people may stuck at the installation. This post will show you the details on how to install corner shelf in shower step by step.

How To Install Corner Shelf In Shower

Before install the corner shelf, it is necessary to clear how high should a corner shelf be in a shower?

In most cases, to place the shower shelf right around the chest level is a good choice. This method is suitable when there is only one person use it or the users has the similar height. If not. You can also use other methods.

Normally, shower corner work best when installed between 42” off of the base and “eye level”.  If install as a foot shelf, 9” to 12” off the shower base is a comfortable height.

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How to Install Floating Shelf in Shower

  • Drill hole in drywall using 1/2” bit & stick toggle bolt into hole.
  • Once it is in the wall, push plast piece on end to straighten bolt.
  • Slide the plastic “zip tie” thingy down until it is flush with the wall. Break off the excess plastic.
  • After you break off the excess plastic, place your bolt through your hardware and secure.

How to Install Glass Corner Shelf in Shower

1.Determine the height and placement of the corner glass shelving.
2.Tile the wall up to the predetermined location of the shelving.
3.Hold the shelving on the edge of the tile and determine how much of a groove needs to be cut from the next row of tiles above, to accommodate the height of the shelving. Allow for a 2-3 tilt in the shelf installation to enable better water drainage.
4.Continue tiling the wall leaving the groove required by the shelving.
5.To secure the shelf in place, use construction adhesive to adhere the shelf into the groove, pressing and holding firmly in place until set.
6.Apply 100% silicon caulking around the perimeter of the shelf. Use a wet finger to smooth the bead. Clean up any excess caulk with a damp sponge. Any excess adhesive can be removed carefully with a utility knife. Eave to dry overnight.

glass corner shelf

How to Install Marble Corner Shelf in Shower

Remove the grout with the hand-held grout saw include with the kit

Glue and insert the anchoring plates

Add glue to the GoShelf and slide the shelf onto the anchoring plates

Finish with a fresh coat of grout around the shelf, and you’re done!

marble coner shelf

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How to Install YIGII Adhesive Shower Corner shelf

Besides the above, you still have more choices for installing a corner shelf. If you want a super-easy way to install it. You can consider the self-adhesive shower corner shelf. Such as the YIGII adhesive shower corner shelf.

To assemble this item, all you need are the 3 simple steps as below:

  1. Clean the wall surface and dry it (should be a smooth surface, such as tiles, metal surfaces, glass, etc.). Not suitable for wallpapering or painting walls.
  2. Peel off the self-adhesive pad on the back of the and attach it to the smooth surface of the wall. Then press for a few seconds.
  3. Recommend waiting 24 hours before hanging anything to make sure the product is firm.
yigii shower corner shelf

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