How To Install Cabinet Knobs And Pulls?

Knobs, pulls and handles can add an accent to the cabinets whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. However, cabinet hardware is more tan aesthetic. The right placement of these knobs and pulls can affect space functionality. Whether you are new to installing the kitchen hardware or a professional DIYer, the right placement is always essential. Installing cabinet hardware can feel like trying. But if you know how to install cabinet knobs and pulls, you can make a perfect installation.   

how to install cabinet knobs and pulls

Where Is The Right Place For Knobs And Pulls?

Once you decide whether you will use knobs or pulls or a mix of these two, it’s time to determine their accurate installation positions on cabinets and drawers. There are some differences between the placement of knobs and pulls. The reason for the different installation positions is not only the shape of the knobs and pulls themselves, but also the type of cabinet doors.

Placement Of The Knobs

The cabinet knob is a kind of basic door handle. Knobs are typically shaped round and some may come in a chic shape to be square. Generally, the cabinet knobs are installed contrary to door hinges. On the base cabinet, the knobs are always positioned 2-1/2” to 3” from the top nook of the door. But on the wall cabinet, knobs usually stay 2” to 3” from the lower corner of the door panel. If you install the knob on the draws, it always stays right in the middle. Or if you want to add a knob to the kitchen waste bin pull-out cabinet, you can set it on the upper part of the cabinet door.

Position Of The Pulls

The position of the pulls would be a little different from the knobs since they usually shape like rods. The pulls, varying in many types, are popular since they are easy to grab. When installing the pulls on the drawers, they can center on the front horizontally. If you install the pulls on the cabinet doors, you can place them on the open side. Most of the pulls can stay at the top nook of the door or the middle of the open side. But for the edge pulls, they can go on the top and bottom edges of your door or drawer.

How To Install Cabinet Knobs?

Installation Tools You Will Need

  • Sets of Knobs & Pulls (Knob and pull sets generally come with some long screws and some short screws. The short screws are for standard-thick cabinet doors and the long screws are for thicker doors.)
  • Drill & Drill Bit Or Awl
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • A thin wood plank or a template
  • Adhesive painter’s tape (Use for secure thin wood and prevent the drill bit from slipping)

Determine And Mark The Placement Of Your Knobs

You can simply mark the position with a pencil and use a ruler to measure the distance. Then transfer the measurements onto the template wood and drill holes on that wood board. Also, you can buy a template from the hardware shop.

Drill Holes For Installation

  • Choose the drill bit that has the same diameter as the knob screws.
  • Cover the mark you make on the door with tape and tape the template wood plank onto the door.
  • Drill holes through the template wood plank and through the cabinet door. Then you can remove the tape and template wood plank.
  • If you choose to use the awl for drilling, you should also tape the place for drilling holes at first. Then place a template on the cabinet door for determining the position and drill holes with the awl.

Screw The Knob Onto The Door

If you use the round knobs, their back base is always small. Just tighten them onto the door with screws. But if you choose square or rectangular knobs, you can add drops of superglue on the base before screwing them onto the door for long-term use.

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How To Install Cabinet Pulls?

Measure And Mark Locations For The Pulls

When mounting the pull, you will have to measure for two fastening screws. So measure the distance between the two fastening screws on the pull at first. To avoid having to measure each cabinet door, you can make marks on a template wood board as to how to install cabinet knobs. Transfer the measurements to the wood board.

Drill Holes On The Cabinet

Choose the right drill bit that is the same diameter as the screws to make sure the screws will tighten. If you make marks on the door, you can drill holes on the door directly. If you want to make the template firstly for more accurate drilling, you can drill holes on the wood board. And then place the wood board to line with the cabinet door and drill through the hole on the board.  

Install The Pulls  

  • Insert the screws through the backside of the cabinet into the holes.
  • Secure the pull on the front side of the cabinet door.
  • Use a screwdriver to fasten the screws.

Tips: Do not over-tighten the screws since it will damage your cabinet doors or drawers.

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