How To Hang A Shower Caddy?

A shower caddy is a handy and functional gadget to use in the bathroom. It can help keep your bath stuff organized while making good use of the wall space. It is wise of you to have a shower caddy in the bathroom. However, there are many kinds of shower caddies for choice and their installation is different from each other. Knowing the types and applicability of the shower caddy can help you choose the right one for your bathroom. Here we are going to tell you how to choose the shower caddy and how to hang a shower caddy.

How To Hang A Shower Caddy

How To Choose The Right Shower Caddy?

Let’s come straight to the point! Choosing the shower caddy depends on the existing conditions of your bathroom. Although the shower caddies vary in shapes, colors, and materials, the essential difference among them is the way they are installed. Here are the types of shower caddy and their installation:

  • Showerhead Caddy: To have the showerhead caddy in your bathroom, you should have a fixed shoerhead on wall at first. Otherwise, it would not work for you.
  • Wall-Hanging Shower Shelf: This is installed over the glass wall of the shower stall. You can’t hang it on the bathtub.
  • Wall-Mounted Shower Box: It can be widely applied on most wall surface, such as dry wall, marble wall, and tiled wall.
  • Adhesive Shower Caddy: The adhesive shower caddy is a good choice for not damaging the wall. But you should attach it to the smooth surface like tile, glass, and marble.
  • Shower Caddy With Suction Cups: This shower shelf is available on the same wall surface as the adhesive shower caddy. And the difference between them is this fix to the wall by suction cups while the adhesive one stick on wall by a sticky pad.
  • Tension Rod Shower Shelf: This one is a bit special. It comes with a rod to extend from the shower floor to the ceiling. And it can only work in the corner in the shower.

How To Hang A Shower Caddy?

When installing these two shower caddies, you only need to hang them in the right place and you’ve done. It is as easy as ABC.

To hang the wall-hanging shower shelf, you should know the height of your shower screen door. And then you can choose the shower caddy whose hanging height befits your shower door. Remember to choose those who are made of solid materials.

If you choose the showerhead caddy, place it over the showerhead through its opening and pull it down to fit the pipe. When the opening is not large enough for the showerhead, you should unscrew the showerhead off and repeat the steps above. Make sure it’s secured and reinstall the showerhead. One thing to point out is the showerhead caddy without suction cups will fall off. When you are taking a shower, the moisture permeates the whole bathroom and the caddy becomes damp. And therefore, the friction goes down and it begins to slip off. Don’t worry! You can totally get rid of this hassle if you know how to keep shower caddy from falling constantly.

How To Mount The Wall-Mounted Shower Shelf?

There is a type of shower caddy that needs to fix on the wall with screws and nails.

  1. To install this wall-mount shower shelf, you need to measure its location and make sure whether it is level by a carpenter’s level. If that is the right place, you can mark screw locations and then drill holes at the marked place.
  2. Next, insert the wall anchors to help secure the screws. If you are not using the wall anchors, just select the drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screws.
  3. Finally, you can screw the shower caddy to the wall and tighten the screw cap. And you’ve finished the installation.

How To Install YIGII Adhesive Shower Caddy?

The YIGII adhesive shower caddy comes with an adhesive pad on the back.

  1. Before installation, you need to determine where you will install this shower caddy and clean that place with water.
  2. When it is dry, you can peel of the protective film of the shower caddy and stick it to the place.
  3. Press it for several seconds to make sure excess air is exhausted. Wait 24 hours and then you can begin put things on it.

How To Attach The Shower Box With Suction Cups?

  1. Firstly, like installing the adhesive shower caddy, you need to clean the wall and wait for it to dry. Also, attach the suction cups with the shower caddy.
  2. Then, rinse the suction cups and shake the water off but don’t make the suction cups to be totally dry.
  3. Next, press them firmly in place, making sure there isn’t excessive air between the suction cups and wall.
  4. In the end, you just allow the suction cups to set for 24 hours and then you can add your bath stuff in.

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