How To Hide Paper Towel Holder?

Paper towels are those things that are necessary for the kitchen. You can use it as a disposable rag to clean your countertop or as the grease and gunk absorber for fried food. It brings convenience to your kitchen and more and more people like to have paper towels in their kitchen. So paper towel holder comes up for paper towels’ organization. However, there is a problem for those who do not like to see the paper towels out on the counter or anywhere visible–how to hide paper towel holder?

How To Hide Paper Towel Holder

How to choose the right paper towel holder?

As the need for paper towels grows, the need to store paper towels in the kitchen also grows. Now there are many kinds of paper towel holders for choice. They come with various materials, shapes, and installation types. Knowing more details about them and you can choose the right paper towel holder for your kitchen.


The durability of paper towel holders varies with materials. Generally speaking, the stainless steel paper towel holder would be the best. A kitchen is a place with heavy moisture, grease, and smoke, which is a corrosive environment. And stainless steel performs well in rust and corrosion resistance. Therefore, if you are choosing the paper towel holder, select the stainless steel one.

Shapes & Installation Type

The paper towel holders are designed to install in different places so their shapes can vary a lot. So do their installation types. You can find there are typically four types of paper towel holders on sale: wall-mounted, self-adhesive, free-standing, and hanging. Among these, the wall-mounted one will makes damage to the wall without a doubt while the other three types will not. It’s up to you to choose which one to install.

How To Hide Paper Towel Holder?

You must know how to choose the right paper towel holder for your kitchen now. But there’s someone wanting to have paper towel rolls in the kitchen but hates to leave them on the counter. And there is a solution–hide the paper towel holder. So how to hide the paper towel holders? Here are some good ideas for that.

Hanging It Under The Floating Shelf

There is a kind of paper towel holder that you can install under the floating shelf. This kind can work well with the shelf. It’s like an S shape. One end of the “S” is flat and curved to hook onto the shelf nicely, while the other end can be in any shape to hold the paper towels. If you would like to have this installed on your cabinet, make sure the slit of your cabinet door allows it.

Hanging It Under The Floating Shelf

Store The Paper Towel Rolls In The Cabinets

It is an amazing idea to make an opening on the bottom of the cabinet and hang paper towels there. You can easily take the paper towels from the opening and the bulky paper towel rolls can hide in the cabinet. It will bring you more convenience if you apply this in the cabinets near the sink or stove.

Store The Paper Towel Rolls In The Cabinets

Make It Recessed In The Counter

There is another way to hide the paper towel holder. You can have a recess for the paper towel holder on the counter. Installing a dismountable rod to keep it from rolling off the recess and make it easy to change paper towel rolls. In this way,  paper towel rolls can be kept within reach to use.  

Make It Recessed In The Counter

Install It Under The Cabinet

Installing an adhesive roll holder under the cabinet is the easiest and most cost-effective way to hide the paper towels. You don’t need to drill holes or cut the cabinet. What you need to do is just to choose the desired place to attach it.

Install It Under The Cabinet

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Put It In The Drawer

If you don’t want to make a recess on your counter, you can hide the paper towels in your counter drawer. You can make a wood paper towel holder in your drawer. Measure the paper towel that you would like to put in to make sure the paper roll can fit. The radius of the paper towel roll will determine the location of the boreholes on both sides of the drawer. Buy a dowel rod and fix it in the drawer to hold the paper towel.

Put It In The Drawer

Hide It Back Of The Cabinet Door

There is a paper towel holder that hangs on the back of the cabinet door so you can hide it when you close the door. And you can store some more paper towels in this cabinet. You can install this in a cabinet where you can easily reach for paper towels and make sure the door won’t block you when opening it.

Hide It Back Of The Cabinet Door

FAQ About Hidden Paper Towel Holder

Where to hide paper towels in the kitchen

For a hidden paper towel holder, consider placing it;

·Inside the pantry

·Under the cabinet

·At the back of a cabinet door

·On the inside of a cabinet drawer

·Near a window sill

·Inside a kitchen drawer

How to display paper towels in the bathroom

Below are some of the stylish ways you can display paper towels in your bathroom;

·Install a paper towel holder

·Use a lightweight wall rack stack

·Place the paper towels on a countertop roll

·Place the paper towels in a waterproof basket

How to hang paper towel holder on the wall

Below is a simplified guide on how to hang a paper towel holder on a wall;

1. Select a convenient installation point

Choose the ideal point to install the paper towel holder. We recommend that you choose a hidden spot in the kitchen and at an arm’s reach if it’s in the bathroom. In a bathroom wall, ensure that the installation point is at least 20-25 cm in front of or beside the toilet.

2. Accurately measure the holder’s location

Accurately measure the holder’s location with the paper template inside the packaging. If you are relocating an already installed paper towel holder, please use a ruler to measure horizontally and vertically between the 4 bracket screws of the holder before uninstalling it from the wall.

3. Mark the screw locations on the identified spot

While holding the template flat, use a pencil or an erasable pen to mark the two brackets that will be attached to the wall. You can also use a torpedo level to ensure that the 2 brackets marked are completely leveled.

4. Drill holes

If you are not using wall anchors to hold the screws in the wall, then; Drill holes that are slightly less deep than the screws to be used. For example, if the screws are 4 inches long, then drill holes that are 3 inches deep.

If you are using wall anchors to hold the screws in, then drill holes that are equally deep as the anchors. Use a hammer to insert each anchor into the wall firmly and then screw the brackets.

5. Hang the rollers on the brackets

Hang each roller holder onto the firmly attached brackets and screw one set screw in the bottom of each roller. PS; Not all rollers have one screw hole in the bottom.

6. Hang your paper towels

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