How To Hang A Hand Towel On A Towel Ring

A hand towel is a towel for drying one’s hands. A hand towel can be placed on a towering ring to dry your hands. The phrase, “on a towel ring,” means that there is a towering ring for holding towels in the bathroom. You need to know how to hang a hand towel on a towel ring follow this article.

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How do you fold a hand towel into a ring?

In the previous post, we talked about how to remove a towel ring. So in this post, we discuss of how to fold a hand towel into a ring.

Step 1: Place your right thumb on the bottom of the towel and your left hand on top, palm down, with fingers pointing towards you. Your index finger should be coming up from between the middle and bottom of the folded towel.

Step 2: Fold the towel top to bottom, creating a triangle shape. Then fold the triangle in half again creating another triangle with one open end and one closed end. After this step, you should have an arrow shape pointing up with an open end at the bottom and closed at the top.

Step 3: Fold the open end up to the top of the middle edge.

Step 4: Turn the towel over, so that your right thumb is on top this time and fold it in half again, creating a triangle with one open end and one closed end. Then just repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 5: The finished product should look like this:

After you have repeated these steps, place your fingers under the middle of the towel and lift. You should now be holding a ring!

If you would prefer not to fold it into a ring, just open one end and hang it over the nozzle of your sink. It will dry much faster than folding it over the nozzle.

where do you place your hand towel ring?

Now you already know how to hang a hand towel on a towel ring.

Those who care about the state of their towels tend to go for something in between high and low – approximately chest level. This way, if your towel falls on the floor, it’s no longer than that stretch to the sink you’d have to do anyway.

Some people like their towel rings high up for decorative purposes – perhaps even above some of the cabinets. This is also where you’ll find some creative types putting them.

Wherever you place your hand towel ring, take care to not put it too low. Since little ones might grab it and snap their neck. And too high that it’s unreachable without climbing up the shelves.

Wherever you place your hand towel ring, take great care in making sure that there’s nothing dangerous behind it. You don’t want to be doing a load of laundry only to find out that you forgot to move the ironing board away.

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DIY towel ring installation under an angled cabinet

One way to install a towel ring under an angled cabinet is to use two 90-degree bends. This will place the towel bar near the bottom of the cabinet and out of arm’s reach. It works well for both new construction and renovations. Pull-bar Towel Rings by Inter-design come in many different sizes.

Ideas on where to place it:

-you could put the new towel bar on the sidewall of an angled cabinet, which will let you use more space on top of the cabinet (if there is no window or door above).

The installation would be pretty straightforward if the cabinet had a back panel. You can either remove the door from its hinges or cut a hole in the back of the cabinet to fit the bar through it. The bar will stick out past the cabinet’s front face by a few inches so you’ll have to find a spot for it. Which doesn’t interfere with any other cabinets or furniture nearby.

-you could place this pull-out towel ring under a window. It will let you easily grab the towel near the window without stepping too far back from it and you won’t have to take your eyes off the view outside. If you want, you can put some sort of simple design on the front end where people passing by can see it . Now you know how to hang a hand towel on a towel ring.

In conclusion

if you have a small bathroom, this pull-down bar will help free up some space for other items on the counter. It works well if you don’t have a lot of things on the counter already and it’s good to be able to grab a towel without having to bring everything else with it.

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