How To Fix Paint Ripped Off Wall?

Sometimes the walls of our house can show ugly chips or peeling paint. Two of the possible causes of this problem are poor adhesion of the coating and moisture. Despite what it sounds like, fixing these paintless holes that form is very easy to fix. So that you can do it well and easily. In this article, we will explain the main causes of this problem, how to fix paint ripped off wall, and how to prevent it from happening again in the future. Just keep reading…

how to fix paint ripped off wall
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    Why is the paint falling off the wall?

    • One of the main reasons paint peeling is because the surface was probably not completely dry when it was painted. Thus, when any remaining moisture disappears, the layer that has been placed on top begins to fall off. It is advisable to wait several weeks for the primer to dry before applying the paint.
    • Another cause behind this problem is dirt. If we paint a wall without first removing any dust or grease, we will not get the paint to adhere completely to the surface and it will fall off after a few days.
    • Moisture and mold are also two other enemies of paint. When green or black spots start to appear on a wall, this means that there is a condensation of water. As a consequence, the paint begins to peel off. In this case, you must first solve the origin that causes the saturation and properly prepare the surface before painting it.
    • When the plaster that is under the paint deteriorates or is in poor condition it is another cause why the outer layer of the wall will fall off. In situations like this, the solution is to scrape the affected area, apply putty and later paint.
    • It can also happen that the paint used is not suitable for the type of surface. This triggers it to fall off the wall in the short term. Or if the paint comes without mildewcide additives and could not form a waterproof surface, it can easily soak moisture. So choose the right paint for your house, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

    How To Fix Paint Ripped Off Wall?

    The lack of adhesion between the coating and the substrate is usually caused by poor primer preparation. In these cases, if we decide to tear off the peeling paint and paint over it, in addition to using much more material than necessary, we run the risk that even a larger area will come off. To achieve a good result, it is better to follow these simple steps:

    01 Cleaning And Preparation.

    Before any project steps, you should wear a dust mask, gloves, and some worn-out clothes to protect yourself from any dust and dirt. There are also some other preparations, such as removing the furniture and lighting fixtures. Then begin to prepare the surface. With a putty knife, remove dents or peeling paint and the areas around it. Clean the surface, remove mold, microorganisms, and dust, and sand the background. This will ensure proper adhesion. 

    02 Consolidation

    Seal the bottom, whether it be tempered, cement, plaster, etc. For this, we will use Fixacryl, which in addition to being able to be used both indoors and outdoors allows the posterior materials to anchor perfectly. To do this, dilute Fixacryl with 4 parts of water to one of the products and apply the liquid to the support with a brush or a roller if the surface is larger.

    03 Apply The Product.

    Spread Aguaplast on the damage and level it with a spatula, as we have seen in the article on fixing small defects on the wall. Once dry, use sandpaper to sand it smoothly so that it will level with the rest of the wall. And then we can apply another coat of Fixacryl on the putty to regularize the absorption of the finish that we are going to apply later.

    04 Last Touches

    Wipe the surface with a cloth and sand down any imperfections. Afterward, it is advisable to paint the entire wall, as a partial review, unless the wall has been painted recently, will always be noticeable. This way you will have repaired the unsightly chip. Ready!

    How to prevent walls from chipping again?

    Now that you know the causes of paint peeling off the wall, we will have to avoid them to prevent the wall from suffering these types of defects. Allowing ventilation in any room in your house will be a good help to such a problem, especially in the bathroom. You need to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom for better ventilation.

    In short, what we will have to do for the wall to hold in perfect condition for a long time is to choose a suitable paint, clean and dry the wall well before painting it, and finally, avoid moisture on the wall once it has been painted.


    We hope this article on how to fix paint ripped off wall has helped you. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to fix this type of damage, follow the steps and advice that we have given you so that everything goes according to plan. Good luck!

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