How To Decorate Towels In Bathroom?

Towels are the most common items to use in the bathroom. There are many kinds of towels, such as hand towels, face towels, and bath towels, whose purpose is to serve for body cleaning. If you’re not in the habit of organizing your towels, a messy towel pile could be the culprit behind your bathroom clutter. However, if you tidy up your towels regularly, they could be decorative for your bathroom. Although knowing that towels could be decorations to your bathroom, you may still have no ideas how to do with them. Don’t worry! Here are some good ideas for how to decorate towels in bathroom.

How To Decorate Towels In Bathroom

Towels In The Bathroom

What is the most common thing in the bathroom that you often overlook? That could be your towels. There are various towels being used in the bathroom for different purposes. They can be the biggest obstacle to decluttering your bathroom. But if you know how to decorate towels in your bathroom, they can make your bathroom more appealing. Now let’s see who are.

Hand Towels

Hand towel always comes in a small size to dry off hands after washing. Therefore, the hand towel is generally hung on a towel ring or a small towel bar installed on the wall or near the basin.

Face Towels

Needless to say, it is the towel that you use to wash your face. When you are making your bathroom remodeling, the contractor may suggest you install the towel rack to hang your face towels.

Wash Cloth

It is a towel that you use to wash your body. Generally, it will be in a smaller size than the hand towel and face towel. So you can hang it on the towel rack or towel hook.

Bath Towels

The final step in the complete bath process is to dry off, and the bath towel serves for that. A big enough, soft bath towel will help you dry off quickly. It is a towel that receives embellished on towel racks, frequently in a double or triple-fold in the bathroom.

Bath Sheets

A bath sheet is bigger than a bath towel to wrap around your body after taking bath. It is a kind of thick, fluffy, and soft towel that has better water-absorbing quality. It is always hung on the towel rail or placed on the linen cabinet.

How To Fold Fancy Towels?

The methods of how to fold towels depend on how and where will you display them. You can fold your towels into different shapes to display on a towel rack or on the shelves or closet. They will be beautiful decorations in your bathroom.

Regular Folding Method

The most common folding method is to fold one side over another. This method works for most towels, especially hand towels and face towels.

  • Shake out the towel to put off the wrinkles and lay it out on a flat surface.
  • The shape of the towels are always rectangular. In this method, you need to divide the towel into 3 sections and fold both sides towards the middle.
  • After finishing the last step, you could just hang it over your towel rack. Or you could fold your towel in 1/2 of its authentic width. 

Towel Roll Folding Method

For Small Towels

  • If you have a square towel, you could fold it in a half. If you would like to use a rectangular towel, you could fold it in 1/3 length.
  • Begin at the short end and roll the towel from one side to the opposite side. Be certain to maintain the edges lined up and keep the roll tight.
  • Then you can have your towel rolls to decorate your bathroom on the shelves.

For Big Towel

  • Fold a corner diagonally to the middle and make the wide side overlaps the long side.
  • Keep the shape and fold the towel in half-width.
  • Turn the towel over and begin to roll it tight from the flat end to the angular end. Finally, tuck the angle into the roll to keep it tight.

Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas

After you learn the above methods of how to fold your towels, you can use these methods to organize your towels. That will not only make your bathroom look tidy but also you can decorate your bathroom with different folding towels.

Decorative Towels On Towel Ring

The easiest way to decorate your bathroom is to have a towel ring and hang a hand towel on it. A towel ring itself comes with a modern decorative feeling. It will decorate the sink area well. One thing you should notice is to choose a towel ring that matches your bathroom style.

Decorative Towels On Towel Ring

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Decorative Towels On Shelves Or Linen Cabinets

If you have open shelves or linen cabinets in your bathroom, you have an original advantage when it comes to decorating towels. You can have your bath sheet and bath towel in the regular folding and put them on the shelf. Then place a towel roll on the top. Or, you can put all kinds of towel rolls on the shelf in a pyramid. That’s simple but definitely brings your bathroom an appealing look.

Decorative Towels On Shelves Or Linen Cabinets

Decorative Towels On Towel Rack

It might be surprising that towels on the towel rack can also be used to spruce up the bathroom. You may doubt whether towels hanging on a towel rack can achieve decorative purposes or not. But the answer there is always “yes”.

  • Use Ribbons To Decorate Bath Towels Or Bath Sheets

To start with, you need to have some colorful and lovely ribbons that pair with your bath towels. Hang your bath towel or bath sheet on the towel rack and tie the outside side with a ribbon. This will create a fantastic look. Also, you can stack a bath towel over a bath sheet and tie them up.

Use Ribbons To Decorate Bath Towels Or Bath Sheets
  • Use Bouquet To Decorate Face Towel

You can hang your face towels without any folding on the towel rack. Then use the jute to secure the bouquet with the face towels. You can choose the bouquet according to the color of your towels.

Use Bouquet To Decorate Face Towel
  • Use Burlap Bow To Store Towel Rolls

There is another creative idea to secure a burlap bow on the towel rack to store two or three towel rolls. You can simply tie up the burlap on the towel rack and attach some decorative gadgets to it.

Use Burlap Bow To Store Towel Rolls

Decorative Towels On Basin Counter

You can also make your towels to be a nice decoration on the basin counter. If you want to do this, you may have to learn more fancy towel folding methods. For example, you can fold your towels into a swan, a little pig, or some other novel shape.

bathroom towel decor ideas


How do you arrange towels in a small bathroom?

  • Use a towel ring or a towel bar.
  • Decorate on the over the shower rack.
  • Fold towel rolls and store them in a basket.
  • Hang them on the decorative hooks.
  • Fold the towels in a fancy look and display them on the floating shelf.

How do I make my towels look pretty?

Every house owner hopes their bathroom can be cozy, comfortable, and beautiful. To promote the look of your bathroom, decorating towels in it is a useful way. But how can towels be pretty enough to be the decorations? You can learn some folding methods, such as folding your and your lover’s face towels into a pair of swans. And decorate them on the countertop.

More Folding Methods For Reference:

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