How to Clean Kitchen Sink: Tips for Sparkling Cleanliness

Finding your sink way too dirty? Today I’m gonna show you how to clean kitchen sink.

Make it look just as new.

If you want to clean your sink, below is some advice on some simple tools and home remedies with no use of chemical detergent.

Also, when cleaning the sink, we must pay attention to the material of the sink. Most sinks are made of stainless steel and ceramic. Both sinks need different cleaning methods for maintenance. 

Below are a few simple steps to help make your kitchen sink sparkle again!



3 Tips for How to Clean Stainless Steel Sink


Stainless steel sink is a common household water sink. It is relatively easy to maintain. Below I’m gonna show you how to remove hard water stains from stainless steel.


Tip1: To clean them, you can choose warm water and a small amount of detergent, plus the help of a dishwashing brush or the microfiber kitchen cloth I mentioned before. Finally, rinse the sink with clean water and dry it with a cloth.

Tip2: If not enough, the power of vinegar will help eliminate more stubborn stains.

You just sprinkle vinegar on a cloth and leave it in the stubborn stained area for a while. Then rinse it off. If necessary, wipe gently, then rinse off. Vinegar as a cleaning agent can give your stainless steel sink a new look again.

Tip 3: You can also choose to use a special stainless steel cleaner when the stain is way too stubborn. Soak a common kitchen wipe, apply the cleaner on it, and wipe the sink dry. The sink will look completely new!

As you can see, cleaning a stainless steel sink is very easy and fast!


Tips for How to Clean White Porcelain Kitchen Sink

I will show you the easiest and fastest way to clean a white ceramic kitchen sink!


First, just pour a quarter cup of baking soda and enough common dish soap into a small dish and make a fluffy paste mixture.

(Ceramic is a very hard material that can withstand a cleaning agent without any problems.) So go ahead and feel safe to use it.


Then, Put ATheThen, put a soft cloth into the mixture, lightly polish the entire sink. Lastly, rinse the sink with clean water.


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Don’t Forget To Clean The Drain When Cleaning The Kitchen Sink!

Tips for How to Clean Kitchen Sink Strainer

The drain of the sink is the spot that is most easily overlooked and accumulates stains, and it is difficult to clean.

Now I will show you how to clean the kitchen sink without using very harmful cleaners. Now let’s begin the magic on how to clean kitchen sink drain naturally.


First, open the drain hole at the bottom of the drain.



Pour an appropriate amount of baking soda and half of the cup vinegar at the drain.

Leave it for 10 minutes, and then use an old toothbrush to scrub the drain hole.



Then, the drain will shine like new!




Sometimes, the sink drain smell is awful. So how to clean kitchen sink drain smell?

Try lemons!

Just cut your lemon or lime in half. Throw a handful of frozen lemons and limes at the drain, then turn on the tap and rinse them with water! The active ingredients in lemons can clean the water stains off the sink.

This will not only make the drain smell fresher, the fruit meat on the lemon and lime will also scrape away the food residue in the sewer. 

In addition to cleaning the drain and overflow, it also leaves a fragrance inside! Restore its brightness, and add the fragrance of lemon to it.


The Most Helpful 2 Tools For Kitchen Sink Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning needs the right tools for the right job. With the right tools, you’ll know you’re cleaning the house the right way. 


With A Brush

The surrounding corners of the sink are often overlooked. A brush is the best tool for neglected corners with its hard pointed bristles.

You can easily make it clean with a small brush of any kind such as a toothbrush. Then dip it in salt, soapy water, detergent, etc. Last, just brush away!

However, avoid using steel brushes or rough-textured brushes as the sink might be prone to scratches. Here may also be metal particles adhering to the sink wall that might make the sink prone to rust spots over time.


With A Microfiber Towel

clean kitchen sink

A clean kitchen sink is often one wipe away if you get the right towel! That is, a microfiber towel!

Why does a microfiber towel help?

First of all, microfiber towels have strong detergency with their microfiber diameter of only 0.4μm, and their special cross-section can capture dust particles more effectively. Therefore, it has excellent degreasing effects. It is very suitable for wiping the greasy sink in the kitchen.

And it is easier to clean than ordinary towels. Microfiber towels have high fineness and high density and can absorb dirt between the fibers (not inside the fibers). Thus, after use, it only needs to be cleaned with flowing water or a little detergent.


With A Sponge

A clean and hygienic sink definitely needs a clean sponge!

The best way to clean the kitchen sink is to wipe the surface with a damp sponge with a little washing-up liquid after each use. Then you can be sure that no food scraps and dirt will not stick too stubbornly to the surface of the sink.


Do Not Forget To Organize The Kitchen CleaningTools!

Note: Do not leave your cleaning tools everywhere like on the edge of the sink or on the kitchen door kob. That would look messy and block your way!

You should keep your kitchen cleaning tools close at hand by mounting them above the sink! In this way, you can easily reach it and start your cleaning work right away.

Here are some useful organizing helpers for the kitchen cleaning tools I mentioned above!


The self adhesive next sink towel holder

Kitchen Sponge Holder

Stainless Steel Hook Rail

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