How To Clean A Rusty Shower Caddy

For any washroom, a shower caddy is an essential and practical accessory. The gleaming clean shower caddy can provide an aesthetic look to your bathroom. But you know that shower caddies are always exposed to water and moisture. They can get stains from soap scum, water, and rust. A stained and rusty shower caddy will destroy the attractive and aesthetic look of your washroom. So, it is necessary to know how to clean a rusty shower caddy and maintain the cleanliness and attractive look of your washroom. In this post, we will show you how.

stainless steel shower caddy

Cleaning a rusty shower caddy

Rust can get all over your shower accessories and products and it will create rust stains on shower tiles as well. You should clean the rust from the shower caddy to maintain the aesthetic look of your washroom.

Method 1: Remove rust and stain using vinegar and water solution

First, you need to remove your shower caddy from the shower head. After that, you need to decide where you are going to wash it. The bathroom sink is the best place to wash it. Now, you will have to create a simple mixture of water and vinegar. You should take an equal part of both in a tub or bucket. After that, you will have to soak the shower caddy in this mixture for at least 30 minutes. You need to check that every rusty part should be soaked in the solution. After 30 minutes, you can wipe out the rusty part and rinse the shower caddy as well. You will get the new look-alike shower caddy after this method of cleaning. You should not use bleach in exchange for vinegar. Bleach will help the rust to stay on the shower caddy.

Method 2: Use spray paint to remove rust

If you want more durable stain and rust protection for the shower caddy then, rust removing and preventing spray paint is the best solution. You can buy this spray paint from your local hardware store or departmental store near you. Above all, you will get different varieties of colors as per your need. After you paint your shower caddy then, it will be protected from rust attacks and other damages as well. It is an effective method to remove rust from the shower caddy.

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How to Rust-proof Shower Caddy

You know the fact that iron is more prone to rust. Rust occurs while it is exposed to moisture. It happens due to the electrochemical process between the molecules in the metal and molecules in the water. You can polish the whole body of the shower caddy with boat wax or water-repellent car wax as well. But you should repeat it at least once a month to assure the seal. You can paint the entire shower caddy with rust prevention spray. But before using the shower caddy, you need to dry it thoroughly.

Recommended Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

Here is some recommended stainless steel shower caddy for your washroom:

  • YIGII KS046-1 shower caddy

You can easily install this on your shower wall. You do not need to do any holes for the installation. This is stainless steel material. The size is large enough to place all items. The shower caddy is very easy to clean. It will not rust very easily.

  • YIGII KH004CH modern shower caddy

It is also made of stainless steel. The black polishing is very attractive and also modern. The material is absolutely rust resistant and stain resistant as well. It can hold a lot of weight.


It comes with a self-adhesive mounting facility. The storage is spacious enough. It is made with SUS304 stainless steel material. The overall look is very much chick and attractive.

Now you know which shower caddy is the best choice for your washroom. So, go and grab your item as soon as possible.

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It is very common that you will get annoyed when your shower caddy gets moisture, stain, and rust. They are inexpensive but you cannot constantly buy a new shower caddy whenever you will see a little bit of stain and rust. So, the big query is, can you keep your shower caddy away from stains and rust? How can this be achieved? The answer is not at all easy and straightforward. I hope that the above content will help easily to remove rust from the shower caddy and out of this issue.

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