How To Choose Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures?

Plumbing fixtures are indispensable in a bathroom including sink faucet, toilet, and shower. Since there are so many styles of bathroom plumbing fixtures for choice, you need to choose the right fixtures from the various options. It is a quite important event. Here, we will talk about how to choose bathroom plumbing fixtures to help someone with no ideas about this.

How To Choose Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures You Should Consider

Shower Fixture

One of the must-have fixtures in a bathroom is the shower fixture. When it comes to shower fixtures, it can be divided into two main categories — the secured shower head and hand-held body spray. You can choose from these two types or have both of them in your shower. Despite these two types of showers, it’s also hard to make an option between bathtub and shower stall.

Toilet Fixture

The toilet fixture is another necessary fixture for the bathroom. There are now a variety of toilets from the traditional ones to high-tech ones that you can select. There are basically no overly complicated changes in the appearance of toilets. So, go with the one that makes you comfortable.

Sink Faucet Fixture

The sink faucet is an important part of the sink area. There are two main types of sink faucets. One is the type mounted on the wall, while another type is fastened on the sink deck. Not only the faucet type, but the faucet style can also range a lot. In accordance with your bathroom style, you can choose from different styles of faucets to match your bathroom well.

Do All Fixture Finishes In The Bathroom Need To Match?

You can find metal finishing elements all around your bathroom. And it is a big task to make a decision on whether you should match the fixture finishes or not. The common bathroom metal finishing can be brass, chrome, and matte black and you can choose the metal finishing according to your bathroom style.

Can I mix fixture finishes in my bathroom?

Although it is important to balance the bathroom style, this does not mean that you should match all of the fixture finishing in your bathroom. That is, you can definitely mix the fixture finishes in your bathroom. A bathroom can be divided into three areas including sink area, toilet area, and bath area. Each of the three areas consists of different fixtures, hardware, and fittings. You can do the fixture finishing mixture by applying different finishes in three areas. This will not look too cluttered and can achieve a mix and match effect.

But in fact, there are many house owners who have no idea about how to design the bathroom and how to mix fixture finishing. In this case, matching all the fixture finishing is OK and can help create a coordinated bathroom look. Also, the fixture selection will be easier.

Does Towel Hanger Hardware Need To Pair With Sink Faucet?

There is no need for the towel hanger near the sink to match the faucet. But if you can match them, you can create a more cohesive look for the sink area. For example, You can install the faucet with a polished finish and match it with a polished towel ring by the side.

Should Shower Match The Sink Faucet?

Absolutely not necessary. The shower and faucet are two focuses in two areas. You can choose these two plumbing fixtures with different finishes to do the mix.

How To Choose Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures?

Base On Your Style

You will find yourself faced with many problems during bathroom construction. For instance, what types of tile will you choose? How to house bathroom plumbing fixtures? How about the bathtub, sink vanity, and bathroom cabinet? And all these matters start from one problem, that is, what style of the bathroom are you going to build? Therefore, before starting any project in your bathroom, you should figure out this most important problem.

Start With The Base

After making sure what style of bathroom you want, you can start choosing the bathroom fixtures that match your bathroom style. If you want a retro or rustic bathroom, fixtures and hardware with brass or bronze finishing will be great. If you prefer a modern vibe, you can choose the fixtures and bathroom accessories with matte black or polished chrome finishes.

Consider Durability And Efficiency

When selecting the plumbing fixtures, you should take not only aesthetics but also functionality into account. The faucets and showerheads can more or less control your water consumption level. Which kind of fixtures will be more durable in the bathroom? How many types of plumbing fixtures are there for choice? What kind of plumbing fixture can help with saving water? All these should be considered when choosing a bathroom.

Choose The Plumbing Fixtures In Accordance With Your Needs

Is the faucet or the shower you choose will be suitable for your daily bathroom activities? Ask yourself this question before purchasing the plumbing fixtures for your bathroom. Otherwise, you may be tempted to buy the fixture that is not necessary when seeing the variety of fixtures in the shop.

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