Best Tips on How High Should A Towel Bar Be

A towel bar is a fixture used for hanging hand towels. A typical, single towel bar consists of a metal rod (typically brass plated or stainless steel, or chrome plated for corrosion resistance) with two metal flanges protruding to the front and rear; these are typically fastened to the wall with screws. Additional towel bars can be screwed to either side of the central bar, allowing more towels to be hung together. Towel bars can be made from a variety of different materials, including polished metal and plastic. But how high should a towel bar be?

how high should a towel bar be

What is the best height for a towel bar?

The best height for a towel bar is 36″.

At this height, the towel bar is easy to grab and use. According to expert sources, you should consider the following when selecting the right height for your towel bar.

It should be convenient to use. If the towel bar is too high, it will be difficult to reach. If it is too low, it will be difficult to get a towel off of the bar without getting wet. In both cases, this defeats the purpose of having the towel bar in the first place.

It should coordinate with your other hardware. Towel bars come in several heights, but if you currently have towel bars installed in your bathroom, they will probably be the same height as the ones you are replacing.

It should coordinate with the faucets. A 36″ towel bar can look strange when used in a bathroom that has 36″ faucets, but looks fine when used in a bathroom with shorter faucets.

The best height for a towel bar allows users to easily grasp towels. It works well with existing fixtures, and it coordinates well with the style of your bathroom.

Where should towel bars be placed in a bathroom?

The best place to keep towel bars in the bathroom is in the shower or tub area. This is an ideal place to keep, maintain, and care for the bar. This choice of location provides more space for items to be placed on the bar if needed.

How far apart should 2 towel bars be?

There is no set distance for towel bars to be from each other. This is because there are several design considerations to take into account when spacing your towel bars. The first consideration is the design of your bathroom, and if your towel bars should be symmetrical or asymmetrical. The second consideration is the size of your towels. If you have large bath sheets, they will take up more space in the bathroom when hung to dry.

Smaller towels will not take up as much space. The third consideration is the door on your bathroom cabinet. If you have a very wide cabinet, with a door that is flush with the wall, then you have more options for how far apart your towel bars can be.

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Suggestion on How High 2 towel bars should be

Essentially, if you are going to use a towel bar that is a certain distance from the next, then your gaps should always be symmetrical. For example, if you’re going to put a towel bar 4 inches from another, then they should be exactly 4 inches apart and each side should be 2 inches away.

If your towels are small and your cabinet door is flush with the wall, then you may be able to put the towel bars anywhere within a certain range that would look good to you. However, your towels are large and you have an oddly shaped cabinet, then it is probably best to use towel bars that are closer together.

If you are designing your bathroom, then you will want to think about the towel rack that is already in place. Does it fit the design and style of the room? If not, then you can follow these general guidelines: for a contemporary bathroom, place the towel bars 4-6 inches apart from each other. For a traditional bathroom, place the towel bars 4-8 inches apart from each other. For a transitional style room, place the towel bars 6-10 inches apart.

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