Best Non-rust Shower Caddies

If you have no awareness of organizing your bathroom, it would clutter bottles and bath products everywhere easily. What are the drawbacks of not tidying up the bathroom? You can imagine that you want to go to take a bath for relaxing after a busy day, but opening the door you are confronted with a bathroom in mess. It would definitely lead to a bad mood. But don’t worry, there is a practical bathroom accessory that can help with such a situation–that the shower caddy. A shower caddy is the best helper in your bathroom to keep all of your shower products in order. So how many kinds of shower caddies are there? Which is the best? In this post, we will provide the best shower caddies no rust for you.

What Is The Best Material For Shower Caddy?

The shower caddies come in a variety of types and are made of various materials. It is common to see shower caddies being constructed of stainless steel, plastic, wood, and glass. Although all of the shower caddies perform the same function of accommodating your bath products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, they would have different performances in load-bearing capacity and rust and corrosion resistance.

  • Plastic: Compared with shower caddies of other materials, the plastic one tends to be more brittle. Plastic shower caddies could not hold much weight as well as the stainless steel ones. The plastic shower caddy could not hold too many heavy items, or the exceeding weight would lead to breaking itself.
  • Wood: There are also some wooden shower caddies for sale. This kind of shower caddies would not have a perfect performance on corrosion-resistant. Generally, manufacturers would cover the wood part with waterproof coating, but this won’t last long.
  • Glass: The glass shower caddies have good performance in waterproof and rust-resistant and are not as crumbly as plastic ones. But it could break when the showerhead or other hard items hits it by accident. And that would be quite a trouble if the glass break. Also, water can leave stains on the glass easily.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel of high quality is must be the ideal material for a shower caddy. It is waterproof and has good resistance to rust and corrosion. Besides, it is a kind of hard material that will not be easy to deform and break. Therefore, stainless steel is the best material for a shower caddy.

Best Shower Caddies No Rust

To have your bathroom organized well, you need to choose from thousands of shower boxes to find the perfect one. Browsing the product lists online aimlessly will be boring and dull. Here we’ve compiled information on various types of shower caddies and their pros and cons for your reference.

Hang Shower Caddies

  • Hanging Shower Head Caddy

This kind of shower caddy is designed to hang on the showerhead. It can make use of the space below the showerhead efficiently to store your bath products. You can choose the one which has big enough baskets to accommodate your bath items and several hooks to hold the razor, bath sponge, and so on. Also, it would be better if the shower caddy comes with suction cups to help secure itself to the wall.

Pros: You won’t have to make any damage to your wall while installing it.

Cons: Although there are suction cups to help with fixation, the upper part still be in risk of slipping. So you may have to learn how to keep the shower caddy from falling constantly.

Hanging Shower Head Caddy
  • Over The Door Shower Caddy

This type of shower caddy hangs over the shower door or shower screen. It has sufficient capacity commonly to accommodate as many bath items as it can. If you would like to buy this type of shower caddy, you can choose the one with an open-grid design to allow better drainage.

Pros: You won’t have to drill holes while installing it. And it has a low risk of falling off.

Cons: Some might be too loose for your bathroom door, and it might make noise when you take something from it.

Over The Door Shower Caddy

Corner Shower Caddies

  • Shower Floor Rack

The shower floor rack would stand in the corner of the shower floor or bathtub deck. It is usually triangular in structure to stand steadily. If you would like to apply it in your family bathroom, you can choose this rack with four or more baskets to hold things.

Pros: Without any other support, it can stand steadily. It can also accommodate a lot.

Cons: It might be a little tricky to get to the bottom layer. And it would take up more space than other shower caddies.

Shower Floor Rack
  • Pole Shower Caddy

This kind of corner caddies uses a tension pole to hold them in place. Since they work in the corner, they usually come with several L-shape or quarter-circle shape boxes to hold things. It can extend from the shower floor to the ceiling to create extra storage space.

Pros: It has a very large enough capacity to hold a family’s bath products.

Cons: It can only work in the shower corner. Besides, the pole shower caddy might lay too much pressure on the ceiling to cause damage to the ceiling.

Pole Shower Caddy
  • Adhesive Corner Shower Shelf

These shower shelves come with a 3M adhesive to stick on the wall. You can easily install it to help organize your bathroom. Here I would like to recommend YIGII Stainless Steel Shower Caddy. It is constructed of SUS 304 stainless steel and has a perfect design for draining.

Pros: You can assemble YIGII stainless steel shower caddy easily by peeling the protective film and sticking it on the wall. It is the best adhesive shower caddy no rust.

Cons: If you would like to use it in your family bathroom, it may not have enough capacity to hold toiletries for the whole family. You may need to have two caddies in your family bathroom.

Adhesive Corner Shower Shelf
  • Mounted-type Corner Shower Box

The mounted-type shower box needs screws and a screwdriver to help mount it on the wall.

Pros: It would stay in place sturdily for a long time.

Cons: You have to damage the wall when installing this shower box.

Mounted-type Corner Shower Box

Recessed Shower Shelf

This shower shelf will insert into the wall. When you are building the bathroom, you have to leave a space on the wall for it.

Pros: It will never rust or break. It can create a stylish look in your shower stall.

Cons: Once it’s built, it would be hard to change its shape.

Adhesive Corner Shower Shelf


There are plenty of shower caddies for choices. Will you use the bathroom box for personal or family toiletries? This will determine the size of the shower caddy you choose. If you are looking for the best no-rust shower caddies, the stainless steel one will fit your need. Hope this post would be your guide when selecting a shower caddy.

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