5 Best Adhesive Corner Shower Shelf You Will Be Interested

The shower shelf is one of the useful bathroom accessories that function to organize and store stuff. There are various sorts of shower caddies for choice. Some hold the idea that the shower shelf is a good helper for the organization in the bath area, while others think they don’t need such a gadget. Anyway, the best adhesive corner shower shelf will meet your need of keeping your bath stuff in order.

Best Adhesive Corner Shower Shelf

Pros & Cons

There are several common types of shower shelves that we can see on sale. They are the wall-mount shower caddy, showerhead shelf, hanging shower shelf, and adhesive shower caddy. Among all these types, the adhesive one has become more and more popular for its easy installation and cost-effectiveness. Here, the pros and cons of the self-adhesive shower shelf will be listed.


  • No Drilling Required: If you choose the adhesive shower shelf, you won’t need to drill holes on a shower wall for installation. It is easy to damage the tile wall if you drill on it. You won’t have to worry about such a problem with the adhesive one.
  • Easy To Install: You can assemble the adhesive shower shelf, unlike the wall-mount one. You don’t need to drill holes, screw the nails, or do any other technical work. What you need to do is just peel off the foil and stick it onto the wall.
  • Blend In With The Corner: The best adhesive corner shower shelf will blend in your shower corner to hold your bath stuff firmly. It fits in the corner so that it won’t take up too much space visually.


If you didn’t install the adhesive shower caddy in the right way as its instruction, it will fall easily. And once it falls off, it is hard to reinstall, especially the type that adhesive and shower shelf is one piece. However, if you assemble it following the instruction steps, it will attach to the wall tightly to hold things.

Best Adhesive Corner Shower Shelf

YIGII Modern Shower Caddy

YIGII shower caddy kh004ch has a modern and sleek look to match any style of bathroom. It is made of stainless steel to be very solid and rust-proof. Also, the flat bottom makes it hold things firmly and sturdily. This kind is very suitable to fit in the corner of the shower. Besides, you can also use it near the sink to accommodate your personal hygiene products. Or you can use it in the kitchen for holding your spice jars and other kitchenware. Wherever you install it, it will work well for you. Since it comes with a big capacity, you can have just one shower caddy to hold all of your bath products. 

This item uses the best adhesive for shower shelf, if you are looking for a good adhesive shower shelf. Then you can consider this product from YIGII.

YIGII Modern Shower Caddy

Glass/Ceramic Shower Corner Shelf

There are also some adhesive shower shelves that are constructed of glass. This one usually comes in a single piece of glass in a quarter shape with two adhesives on the sides. It is not recommended since things can be easy to fall off it. Besides, the glass itself is quite heavy, if not properly installed, it can fall off to break and may scratch you. And so odes the ceramic one. If you want a glass or ceramic shower shelf, choose the wall-mount type.

Glass/Ceramic Shower Corner Shelf

YIGII Shower Corner Shelf

YIGII shower shelf 2406G comes in a unique shape that can open to 210 degrees. It can rotate to 90 degrees or 180 degrees to sit in the shower corner. And it won’t take up too much space. This shower corner shelf is made of environmental ABS that is easy to clean. Because of its material, this one comes in lightweight while it is still sturdy to hold your bath stuff. Moreover, there are some hooks that come with it to hang the towel and bath sponge. A good drainage design at the bottom can prevent it from collecting water so that it won’t be susceptible to water scale.

YIGII Shower Corner Shelf

YIGII Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

As the name suggests, this one is also made of stainless steel and it is designed to be hollow. The shower caddy in this design can drain perfectly to keep water erosion away. In addition, the outer metal coating is also a good protective cover to perform well in resisting rust and corrosion. It is also big enough to hold all of your bath stuff. And you can hang some S-shape hooks on it to hold towels and bath balls. Besides, you won’t have to buy a new shower shelf if it falls off. Why? Because once it falls off, you can change the adhesive pad to install it again. You can click to know more about this best adhesive shower caddy.

YIGII Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

Find more best adhesive shower caddy from YIGII

FAQ of Adhesive Shower Caddy

1. Where to put the corner shower shelf?

You can quickly sort the problems of keeping your bottles of shampoo, face washes, or shaving creams on the corner shower shelf in your bathroom. You should opt for putting your corner self at the chest level so that people will almost similar height have no issue in reaching them in need. Choose the best adhesive shower shelf for your bathroom as it is very easy to install.

Usually, a cornel shelf works best when installed in the bathroom between forty-two inches from the base and your eye level. Nine to twelve inches can be a good height off the base of the shower if you have to install it in the form of a foot shelf.

2. How to install a corner shelf in the shower?

Firstly, you need to determine the placement and height of the corner shelf. Take an estimate of the height by holding the shelf at the tile’s edge and mark that height to get an idea of how much it needs to be grooved. You can drill a hole or use any construction adhesive on drywall inside your bathroom with the help of a half-inch butterfly anchor into the hole. Once the bolt is inside the wall, you need to straighten the bolt by pushing the piece of plastic on the end.

Now, you need to slide the zip tie made of plastic down until and unless it gets flushed on the wall. Then, the excess plastic thingy should be broken off.
If you adhere to the shelf then, apply silicone caulking surrounding the shelf’s perimeter and then smoothen out the bead with a wet finger. Lastly, remove any excess amount of caulk with the help of a wet sponge. For more details, you can also head to how to install a corner shelf in shower.

3. What is the best epoxy for a shower shelf?

Silicone caulk or a construction adhesive works as excellent epoxy for installing a corner shower shelf. You can also use peel-off adhesive tapes or pads for epoxying the corner shelf onto your bathroom wall.

4. What is the best material for a shower shelf?

There are many materials appropriate to be installed as a corner shower shelf in your bathrooms such as a polymer floating corner shower shelf, glass corner shower shelf, marble corner shower shelf, and YIGII adhesive corner shower shelf.

5. How do you glue shelves in a shower?

Firstly, you need to clean the wall surface dry onto which you are about to install your shower shelf. Remember that the surface should not be rough like wallpapered walls or painted walls but, it should be smooth like tiles, glass, metal surfaces, etc. You can use a construction adhesive or an adhesive pad and attach it to the wall’s smooth and clean surface and press & hold for a minute. It is highly recommended not to put or hang anything onto the shelf when it has freshly adhered. You should at least give it a time of twenty-four hours to ensure that the corner of the shelf is stuck firmly.

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