How To Install Bedrosian Cloe Tile Backsplash?

Cloe Tile by Bedrosian comes in various colors and has a subtle undulated surface. Because of its unique look, it has been popular with designers and house owners and has become a best seller. There are some DIYers who want to use this tile to install their backsplash to add an accent. If you are one of these DIYers, here are some good ideas to make your stunning bedrosian cloe tile backsplash.

bedrosian cloe tile backsplash

What Is The Bedrosian Cloe Tile?

The bedrosian cloe tile is a kind of glazed ceramic tile that has a colorful surface and each tile is slightly different. If you want to apply this tile to create a subway backsplash, it would be more interesting than the standard one. This tile looks as if there is water running on its surface. How does it give out such an effect? It is because this tile has a special and uneven surface, unlike ordinary tile. It varies in shade and undulation from tile to tile. That said, you don’t have to think too hard about the color scheme of the backsplash. These cloe tiles come with a subtle tonal change to create a natural and organic space design for you.

From light to deep, the colors of tile include white, creme, gray, pink, baby blue, dark blue, green, and black. If you want to install a bedrosian cloe tile backsplash, you can choose a color that matches your kitchen. The white and gray tiles are typically used for kitchen backsplash. And the creme, pink, and baby blue are generally used for bathroom backsplash. Besides, they come in two different sizes that are 2.5″x8″ and 5″x5″. When you install it as a backsplash, you can choose to make it a subwaybacksplash or a regular one. It will definitely bring your room a new shine.

How To Remove The Old Backsplash?

If you want to make a backsplash renovation, you need to remove your old backsplash first. When doing this, all you need is patience, technique, and circumspection. Now let’s take a look at the steps and follow through.

Tools you need: hammer, flat pry bar, scraper, trowel, putty knife, sandpaper.

  1. Clear your kitchen counter top so that you can access to the backsplash without block. Also, cut off the electricity to the wall and over the counter with something like worn clothes if you can.
  2. Use the hammer and the flat bar to pry the edge of backsplash tile piece by piece. Be careful not to damage the drywall.
  3. Once you remove the whole backsplash, you can see a layer of adhesive. Use the putty knife to scrape solid adhesive from the wall and use the sandpaper to remove the soft part.
  4. Mix the thin-set mortar and apply it to fill the holes and depressions with a trowel. Wait it to dry totally and then use the sandpaper to smooth it. And the wall is perfect for installing another backsplash.

How To Install Bedrosian Cloe Tile Backsplash?

Before Installation

Measure The Backsplash Area: Before the installation, you will need to measure the area you will install the backsplash so that you can determine how many tiles will you order. You should buy 10% extra in case there would be some accidents.

Make A Color Shuffle: To make sure there won’t be any big clumps of the same color, you should make a shuffle of the tiles. It is in this way that you can create a backsplash with natural color fluctuations.

Choose The Grout: If you don’t want obvious grout lines, you need to use the grout in a similar color to your backsplash. If you like the distinct boundary, use the grout that will clash with your tiles.  

During Installation

Plan The Position For Each Tile: You need to determine the area of your backsplash and then start from the center and go to both sides. When the tiles are out of the range of backsplash or run into your outlets, you need to trim the tiles.

Install The Bedrosian Cloe Tiles: The tiles do not all sit flush with the wall since they are hand-made. Therefore, you should use the thin-set mortar. Trowel some mortar and spread it onto the wall in one direction. Then do the same thing to the back of the tile and apply it to the wall. Press the tile to attach sturdily. Repeat this progress until your backsplash is assembled.

Fill Gaps With Grout: Shape your grout lines carefully. After doing that, you can start grout but remember to work in a small range. Clean the excess grout with a sponge within 5-10 minutes or the grout would become hard to get off. So be sure to clean up while grouting.

After Installation

Use the waterproof caulk to fill in the gaps that the tile meets the countertop, cabinet, and drywall. Place the tube in your caulk gun and slowly press the trigger until the caulk begins to come out. And apply the caulk line as long as you can at a time. Finally, reinstall your kitchen appliances.   

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