Bathroom Vanity Countertop Storage Tower Ideas

Have you found that many interior designers would like to create bathroom vanity countertop storage towers in modern bathrooms? No matter how big the bathroom is and whether it has a single sink or double sinks, having vanity towers seems to be a trend. In fact, the vanity tower is created for larger storage space.

Speaking of bathroom storage, the cabinets under the sinks may be the only storage space that people can think of. However, the cabinets are completely not enough for storing all the stuff. Whether your bathroom is a big size or not, it would be in a mess easily if lack sufficient storage space. If you would like to have vanity towers in your bathroom, here, we will provide the best ideas for that.

Bathroom Vanity Countertop Storage Tower

What Bathroom Does Vanity Tower For?

If you’re looking to build a vanity tower, you might want to know whether it is suitable for the small bathroom or not. The answer is simply “yes”. Even small bathrooms can be fitted with appropriately-sized vanity towers to expand storage space. Bathroom vanity countertop storage tower is a kind of cabinet that rests on the vanity and goes to the ceiling. It won’t take up the area of the flooring but does need some countertop space. So you can build a vanity tower in the small bathroom but it couldn’t be too big.

Not to mention building a vanity tower in a large bathroom, you can even build two if you want. It is common to build a vanity tower on a double sink vanity. Vanity towers are often placed on the countertop between two sinks to create visual division. With single sink vanity, the tower is always set on the side. Actually, the vanity tower can not only be a storage option but also a decorative element. You can add some decorative items like plants and vases to make your bathroom a more beautiful place.

Benefits Of Bathroom Vanity Countertop Storage Tower

  • Make Most Of The Bathroom Space

The vanity tower is a creative design that allows the space between the countertop and ceiling to work for storage efficiently. It does not take up floor space to make your bathroom look crowded. You can customize a vanity tower that goes to the ceiling as nearly as possible to make most of your bathroom space.

  • Be As Decorative Element

A vanity tower on the countertop can not only be functional but appealing. You can customize a vanity tower or make one by yourself. The only thing you need to notice is to make sure it would match the rest room of your bathroom. Otherwise, it will destroy the whole style of your bathroom.  

  • Reduce Clutter On The Countertop

The main purpose that someone wants a vanity tower is to make the countertop organized. You can have a vanity tower with three or more layers to tidy up your stuff on the countertop. You could classify and make items in order so that you could get things easily and quickly the next time. And this will also reduce clutter on your countertop.

  • Create A Natural Division

The vanity tower that rests on the countertop between two sinks will create a natural division. It can give couples or siblings their own space. You would no longer have arguments about taking up each other’s space.

  • Clean The Vanity Easily

Every time you clean the vanity countertop, you have to move things to other places, which can be a hassle. With a vanity tower to accommodate your stuff, you can clean your vanity countertop easily.

Best Ideas For Bathroom Vanity Countertop Storage Tower

Storage Tower Ideas For Double Sinks Vanity

  • Tower Between Two Sinks

If you have a vanity with two sinks in your bathroom, you can set the vanity tower in the middle as a divider. It would be better to build a tower that has the same color as your vanity to form a unified style. A vanity tower with a glass door can make the sink area look more open. In addition, you can choose the open shelf tower for the convenience of getting things from. This kind of vanity tower setup would be perfect for Jack and Jill bathroom.

Vanity Tower Between Two Sinks
  • Natural Division Between The Sink Area And Makeup Area

There is also a stylish design to divide the sink area and makeup area with a vanity tower. In this way, your daily necessities for cleaning and toiletries won’t pile up in the sink area. If you would like to apply such a design in your bathroom, you need to consider which side of the room will the tower serve the most. Then have the door open up to that side.

Vanity Tower Divide The Sink Area And Makeup Area
  • Symmetrical Arrangement

The vanity tower does not have to be installed in the middle to separate the two sinks. Another option is to position the vanity towers on both sides of the double sink vanity to form a symmetrical arrangement. And both sink users can have their own towers to store things. Also, you can install two towel racks symmetrically on the vanity tower to hang towels.

Symmetrical Arrangement
  • Best Corner Storage Ideas

If you have two vanities in your bathroom like this, setting a corner storage tower will be your best option. You can choose a full-height tower with a glass door. It would be the highlight in your bathroom.

Corner Bathroom Vanity Countertop Storage Tower

Storage Tower Ideas For Single Sinks Vanity

  • Recessed Vanity Tower

A recessed tower will be inserted into the wall so that it won’t take up your countertop space. It would be the best idea for a small bathroom with single sink vanity. And you can install the mirror to serve as its door or just leave it to be open.

Recessed Bathroom Vanity Countertop Storage Tower
  • Storage Tower Divide The Sink Area And Other Areas

There is a perfect storage tower design for a single sink. It is to build a vanity tower to divide the sink area and toilet. You can build it on the side of the vanity that is next to the toilet. It can divide the sink area into a separate space to make the functional partition of the bathroom more clear.

Storage Tower Divide The Sink Area And Other Areas
  • Storage Tower With Two Doors

If you would like to set a vanity storage tower at the corner, you can build one that comes with two doors on the side and the front side. It would provide a lot of space to store your bathroom stuff.

Storage Tower With Two Doors

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