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Our Story

YIGII brand is created coming from an incident from our founder John in his childhood. John accidentally made a paper towel holder from scratch for his mother. Due to how happy he made his mother, he decided to do more about it.


It was a small instance but inspired John a lot. After that, he realized how something as small as a paper towel holder could bring joy and happiness to the people that you love.


It was not too long before he devoted all of his time to making even more people happy with YIGII products! These products guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We all spend the majority of our lives in the comforts of our own homes. We all know there is no place like home. Some people may not realize it but it would be better to improve how you live inside your house. We are here to make your daily home life easier and better. As a matter of fact, we will reach you no matter where you are on the planet. Yes, we are a worldwide company that is not hard to reach.



If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via info@yigii.com. We would be more than happy to satisfy you in any way that we can. We want to continue learning every single day. We have a ton of products that you never thought you can use but in reality, they will make you extremely happy when the time comes that you finally get to use them.


The YIGII Story Started in 2010

YIGII started from a small studio, which provides products to

nearby friends and relatives. The good feedback inspire us to  create more products and do better.

Today, YIGII is selling well over the world, including Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. YIGII products have helped many customers improve their home life experience, live a more convenient, comfortable, and happy life.

YIGII keeps to study and create the new and useful products to meet customer needs.


We always pay attention to what the latest trends are so we can come up with products that will satisfy you in more ways than one. Since we use the best materials available, you will be able to use our products for a long time.

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What Customers Say About YIGII products

These are the easiest install hooks ever. They look very clean. They are definitely stainless steel. Very heavy duty. To install you take off the backing paper and stick to the wall.
Martin Foster
These a working great! Put them in a row on side of cabinet to hold keys! Work great. Just make sure they are exactly the way you want them when applying them because they do not come off to adjust. Great product!
Bryan Cirius
I used this to replace a folding plastic paper towel holder which I installed ion a camping trailer and which broke after a few uses. This one works great. Cant review the adhesion because I drilled the holder and used screws.
Jane Dowser
I bought it for my daughter’s bathroom, and she was a little confused by the phone shelf. I told her she could put a glass on it and she laughed at me. Oh well. She thought it looked too commercial but I told her she could paint it or put stickers on it or whatever. I like that it’s metal - hers was a cute Pottery Barn one, and one arm fell off and broke, so I wanted sturdy.
Martin Foster
Installed this in our camper. It has been on the wall over 6 weeks now with tons of use.... no issues. Highly recommend!

Bryan Cirius
Wide adhesive backing and quality of adhesive allows the thing to stick and stay on the wall. We made sure to clean the wall before installing the holder, just in case. Been in the RV for at least a month... hasn't fallen off, nor does it feel loose. Great Product!
Jane Dowser
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