9 Bathroom Shelving ideas to organize Small Bathroom for 2022

A bathroom is a basic unit of our homes that never gets enough space it deserves. You must wonder how to create more space in your small bathroom without breaking the bank. But with the right bathroom shelving, even the tiny spaces of your bathroom can be luxurious by offering extra storage space. Here are some of the best bathroom shelving ideas to maximize every inch of space in your small bathroom.

 Bathroom Shelving Unit

Bathroom shelving ideas are essential in the bathroom. The organization is a place where you have saved a lot of time. These days people have less time, and more time is wasted searching. It’s not your fault because it’s how the world is today. So people use more modern-day products like bathroom cabinets and vanities, which quickly help them organize everything step-by-step. In this article, we will discuss some bathroom shelving ideas to organize small bathrooms for 2022.

The bathroom shelving unit is a great way to organize small bathrooms. It is a space-saving solution for organizing your bathroom. You can keep your bathroom stuff on the shelves and keep them away from the floor. Bathroom shelving units come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. So choose the one that suits your need and style best.

You can use these bathroom shelves to store anything like shampoo, hair gel, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, body lotion, etc. You can also use these shelves to store books or magazines you read while taking a bath or shower. If you have kids at home, these units will be of great help because they can store toys and other kids’ stuff on them while keeping them away from the floor and making your small bathroom look clean and organized.

There are many options, but the most basic type is a bathroom shelving unit. It can be designed to display toiletries or hold towels and other bathroom supplies elegantly. Shelves at different heights can also store smaller items and medicines on top of taller items. A good storage option for a small bathroom is a space-saving bathroom shelving unit.

What are typically good storage options for a small bathroom? Below are various storage options that can be installed in a small bathroom:

1. Floating Bathroom Shelves

The problem with most bathroom shelves is that they often create a lot of mess and clutter. Instead, consider floating shelves. These are shelves installed at various heights on the wall. They look very nice and let you organize many things at once because you can use them to store toiletries, accessories, vanity items, towels, etc.

Floating bathroom shelves are also very versatile, as they can be installed in different places. Depending on your needs, you can mount them on the wall or the floor.

The floating shelves are available in different sizes and styles, so you can find one that matches the rest of the decor in your bathroom. Here are some other advantages of using floating bath shelves:

a. They offer plenty of storage space without taking up too much space in the room.

b. They come in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

c. They are easy to install.

These floating bathroom shelves can be a great choice if you want bathroom shelving ideas to organize your small bathroom. They can help you store your toiletries, towels, and other items without taking up too much space.

Floating bathroom shelves are the easiest to install using wood or glass. They are also fancy adding a stylish look to your bathroom. You can easily set these shelves in any corner of your bathroom and choose your preferred vertical length. You can add as many floating shelves as you wish but keep them at least 3 feet above the floor.

2. Bathroom Shelving Unit Wall Mounted

A bathroom shelving unit wall mounted is a great way to organize a small bathroom. This can be used in the bathroom as extra storage space. The shelves are easy to install and are available in various sizes and shapes.

Many homeowners like to have shelves for toiletries and towels in their bathrooms. If you have this option, you should consider wall-mounted shelving units. This is because these shelves are adjustable and can be used by adjusting the shelves so that you have enough space to store various items in your bathroom or on top of each other.

You may want to use a wall-mounted bathroom shelving unit for many reasons. It can be used for storing toiletries, towels, and other bathroom items that need to be organized. You can even use it to store medicines or vitamins if you want them handy but out of reach for children and pets.

A wall-mount bathroom shelving unit is another way to add storage to your bathroom. When installing this type of bathroom shelving, keep them at a distance you can easily reach. With a wall-mount shelving unit, you might need an expert to install it.

3. Bathroom Shelving Over The Toilet

Installing bathroom shelves over the toilet is another good storage option for a small bathroom. These shelves are the perfect way to organize towels and other toiletries in your small bathroom and are among the best bathroom shelving ideas.

You can adjust them in various heights depending on your needs or use different shelves to store smaller items like soaps, talc, etc. These shelves are popular because they allow homeowners to create a stylish and roomy look in their bathrooms.

Bathroom Shelving Over the Toilet is an excellent option for small bathrooms. This is because it will not take up much space in your bathroom. It has been designed to provide storage for your toiletries and other items in your bathroom.

The shelf can be mounted on the wall above the toilet, giving you more storage space. Different types of shelves can be used to mount over the toilet.

a. The shelf has hooks on it, which are used to hang towels, robes, and other items on them.

b. A shelf with baskets attached to it can be used to store small items such as cotton swabs, toothbrushes, etc.

c. Shelf with drawers or cupboards attached to it where you can store more oversized items like soaps, shampoos, etc., so that they do not clutter up your countertop or floor space in the bathroom.

It is time you made use of that idle space above your head. A shelf above your toilet will keep all toiletries organized and at arm’s reach, such as toilet paper. Ensure you create enough space above your head.

4. Bathroom Shelving For Towels

Nothing is worse than having wet and sweaty towels hanging all over your bathroom. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Toiletries can be placed in a nice-looking bathroom shelving unit, while the towels can be hung on a heated towel bar. This bathroom shelving idea will help you to save space and money and make your small bathroom look beautiful.

Bathroom shelving for towels is a great way to organize your bathroom. Many bathrooms have limited space, but if you choose the right shelf, you can use it to store items like towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom necessities.

Many different types of bathroom shelving can be used to organize your bathroom, including:

Towel racks are very convenient because they allow you to hang towels on hooks. They also allow you to dry your clothes quickly when they come out of the washer or dryer. You can find towel racks that support several towels at once, so they can be accommodating if you have many people using your bathroom.

YIGII Wall Mounted Towel Rack

This YIGII Wall Mounted Towel Rack below is from YIGII brand, which is made of top stainless steel and is very sturdy.

It is a 2 IN 1 New Style Bathroom Towel Rack – One remarkable design: Rolled wall-mounted towel rack + Bathroom towel hooks. It’s the perfect solution for all your towel storage needs!

You could use the top shelf for storing fluffy dry towels, and it has fIve hooks for wet towel hanging. It is sold at a cheap price at our website.

bathroom shelving ideas

Medicine cabinet: A medicine cabinet is another storage space available in most bathrooms today. It offers a lot more room than other types of shelves, but it may not be large enough for everything you need to keep in there.

Linen closet: Linen closets are usually large enough to hold all your towels and linens without taking up too much space in the room itself. This storage area also has cabinets that allow you to keep things like toilet paper and tissue boxes inside for easy access when needed.

Towels hanging all over your bathroom or taking that extra space in your bathroom cabinet can be a nuisance. Having a bathroom shelf for towels will help you sort your towels with ease. Create enough units to handle extra towels, or you can roll them so they fit easily.

5. Decorative Bathroom Wall Shelves

Wall decor can look good in your small bathroom. It can be hung or used on wooden shelves to create a nice atmosphere. It is important to have an excellent shelf as part of your decor, especially if you are getting new accessories and soaps for this bathroom every other month.

A simple solution to the problem of organizing small bathrooms is to use wall shelving. It’s a great way to organize your bathroom without taking up much space. You can use decorative wall shelves to hold pictures or other decorations if you want something more decorative than just plain metal or plastic.

Some people use decorative wall shelves to store towels in their bathrooms and other items like toiletries and bath bombs. This means they do not have to worry so much about having an overcrowded cabinet filled with all sorts of toiletries, making it more difficult for them when they want something specific out of it later on down the line.

Bathroom shelving is about more than creating space; some wall shelves can elevate the aesthetics of your small bathroom. You can use Antiqua shelves, contrast shelves, glass shelves, or elegant lighting to add a decorative feature to your shelves.

6. Wire Bathroom Shelving

Wire bathroom shelving units are another perfect option for small bathrooms. These shelves are practical and attractive. They can be adjusted easily and look great in any space, depending on the number of items you want to store.

Wire bathroom shelving ideas are great for small bathroom spaces next to a shower. Water might splash over and create a mess. Wire bathroom shelves are available in many designs, sizes, and tiers. If you choose wire bathroom shelving, ensure they are durable and rusty-free.

One of the most popular options for organizing small bathrooms is using wire bathroom shelving. This shelving comprises metal wires that are joined together and attached to a baseboard or wall with nails. Wire bathroom shelving is perfect for those who want to save space but still have all their necessities in order.

7. Opt For A Skirted Sink

Skirted sinks are an excellent option for small bathrooms because they offer much storage without taking up too much space. They’re also suitable for bathrooms with limited counter space, allowing you to store items like soap and lotion right next to the sink.

If you have a skirted sink, ensure it has an open back so you can easily reach everything behind it. If you have a pedestal sink, look for one with an open back to add a basket to your bathroom storage system.

8. Cabinet Shelves

You should keep some of your bathroom stuff private or away from kids. Cabinet shelves are the best for you; they will also offer you more space and some privacy. You can also decide on the size you want or the space your bathroom will allow you. Other small bathroom shelves

9. Other Small Bathroom Shelves

There are countless other types of bathroom shelving that you can get and might love.  They include ladder shelves, behind-the-door shelves, cubby shelves, ledge shelves, or vanity shelves, among others. You could also hang baskets on the wall to store towels and toiletries. Other options include small wooden shelves that can be fixed onto a wall or as part of the decor around your bathroom.

Wrapping Up

These are various storage options for a small bathroom, and you can find them in most reputable stores. These items make storing things easier, whether jars, bottles, or towels. They also help to create a nice-looking bathroom as part of your overall decor.

So, why not think about the numerous small bathroom shelves you can get for your bathroom? You should consider getting one or all of these options depending on your needs and space.

You can change the look of your bathroom in simple and budget-friendly ways. Use storage shelving to add style and function to your small bathroom. With creativity, you can create a unique design that will enhance your home decor.

Lastly, this article will help you choose the perfect bathroom shelving ideas to organize your small bathroom. It is time you tried some of these great ideas to add a stylish look to your bathroom while maximizing every inch of space.

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