Top 5 Ideas of 42 Inch Upper Kitchen Cabinets You May Not Know

Everybody deserves to access kitchen utensils and supplies at standard arm’s reach. In fact, any kitchen storage that forces you to bend becomes a nuisance that could easily lead to the worst mood ever. The genius design of 42 inch upper kitchen cabinets is an excellent solution in terms of kitchen storage.

42-inch kitchen wall cabinets are pretty necessary for large households, huge company offices, and institutions. The presence of such a specific design is vital in supporting many people’s kitchen requirements while maintaining a modern look.

Here are some of the best 42 inch upper kitchen cabinets you can install.

Table of Contents

    1. Tuxedo 42-inch upper kitchen cabinets

    Tuxedo cabinets are basically two-toned cabinets, where you use different shades for the color of your cabinets. It applies if you intend to have different colors in your kitchen, which quickly brings some liveliness.

    Tuxedo 42-inch upper kitchen cabinets may take the lighter shade while the cabinets closer to the floor take the darker one. It’s the most common design among many kitchens, which also assists in lesser staining of lighter cabinets.

    Another brilliant way for a tuxedo design kitchen cabinet is using two-color tones for cabinets on different walls. You can apply various color shades for opposite-facing cabinets or adjacent wall cabinets, according to preference.

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    2. Open Cast kitchen cabinets

    Opencast kitchen wall cabinets are the storage compartments that lack doors, both glass or fully opaque. They are very appealing to people that intend to showcase their kitchenware, especially for shoots or viewings.

    Opencast types also appeal to minimalistic type people, who prefer to have perfect designs in everything. An open cast allows the individuals to add a bit of business with the neat arrangement of crockery or kitchenware.

    The design also enables owners to access everything immediately. However, it requires frequent dusting and cleansing, as it is prone to all of the environment’s components. It is a unique way of designing, which appeals to a few creative minds.

    3. Shaker cabinets

    The most aesthetically pleasing 42-inch upper kitchen cabinets have to be shaker type. According to the world of cabinet design, Shaker cabinets are simple-looking cabinets with a calming and exquisite look.

    Shaker cabinets make the most beautiful 42-inch type and have been the go-to type for high-end property. The style easily blends in with all materials, colors, and kitchen sizes since they are easy to put in the picture.

    Most of the popular white-themed kitchens among designer moms are shaker cabinets, with a twist in either knobs or frame design. A frameless shaker cabinet also goes a long way in completing the clean-cut kitchen look.

    4. RTA 42-inch upper kitchen Cabinets

    The whole meaning of RTA is Ready-To-Assemble. RTA cabinets are some of the modern cabinets which stem from the necessity to quickly install kitchen cabinets. Needless to say, RTA cabinets come readily designed for a specific space and ought to complete the entire look effortlessly.

    42-inch upper kitchen piece that are RTA always have a modern, clean-cut finish, making it even better to own once in your life. The cabinet’s design is perfect for small open kitchens for beginners but looks even grander in huge spaces.

    They range according to different processes and materials, but they are common in readily designed apartment kitchens or container homes.

    5. Rustic Cabinets

    Rustic 42-inch ones are some of the oldest cabinet designs in the market but look the best. They range from the different types of wood used to create them, depending on color and hardness.

    The type of cabinets matches best with warm-toned colors where they complement earthy to bright tones. Rustic cabinets also look pretty amazing with toned white kitchens since they add flavor to the monotonous color.

    However, the rustic theme should be carefully selected to prevent over darkening of a kitchen space.

    FAQs of 42-inch upper kitchen cabinets

    All in all, 42-inch upper cabinets are very conducive for any interior structure and appeal to all modern trends. This cabinets are barely as long as most people perceive them to yet provide the right amount of storage required.

    However, it’s appropriate to frequently clean the top of 42-inch upper cabinets as a lot of dust gathers there.

    The 42-inch upper kitchen cabinet is available in so many designs, IKEA included. There are over 20 42 inch IKEA cabinets designs in the market, each of them having a color pallet of more than three.


    Contrary to most people’s worries, 42-inch upper kitchen cabinets are an excellent addition to your cooking space. It applies to both storage and design as well.

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